Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Tonight's Bids

Bracket thoughts will come in a bit as well as a potential new bracket by the end of the day.

Tonight’s Bids:

Hofstra vs Northeastern
The 1 seed vs the 2 seed, which will be the theme tonight.  Hofstra can probably win a game as a 12/13 while Northeastern will be more of a 13/14.  Tonight’s game will be close.  Be sure to catch Justin Wright-Foreman of the Pride who hung 42 on the Blue Hens of Delaware last night

Wright St vs Northern Kentucky
Another 1 vs 2; this is a battle to be a 15 seed.  Both are solid enough to hang with a 2 seed for a half or so.

St.Francis vs Farleigh Dickenson
Welcome to the Play In Game winner of the NEC!

Omaha vs North Dakota State
This was supposed to be South Dakota State’s grand entrance to the Big Dance but if you can’t beat the 8 seed then maybe you don’t deserve it.  Omaha is a 15 seed that will probably get squashed by Michian.  ND State is a 16 seed who will get crushed by Gonzaga

Gonzaga vs St. Mary’s
Gonzaga is National Championship Good.  St. Mary’s probably needs the auto-bid although their computer numbers are solid.  3-9 against Quad 1-2 NET teams isn’t good enough for an at-large

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