Sunday, April 27, 2008

Upcoming Summer Events - It's more than just talk now!

There's been a lot of talk of planning some events over the summer and I thought it would be easier if I put everything into one email for all. Some of you on this list will recognize some of these events from conversation but some of these might be new. Either way, Rachel and I are looking to get a head count for the events so that we can plan accordingly. Please read through and let me know if you are interested in getting together.

Beer (and sigh, Wine) Tasting night - Friday, June 6:
Inspired by the Woodman's Micro-Brew section Rachel and I are hosting a Beer tasting evening. We are asking that that everybody brings (2) six packs of micro brew and a bottle of wine. We will cook some appetizers and spend the night (weather permiting) around the campfire like old times.

Brewer Game - Afternoon tailgating - Saturday, June 14:
Not to be confused with the Guy's day game later in the summer; Rachel wants to get a huge group together to tailgate early for a 6:05 game against the Twins. This is an interleague game so tickets will probably go fast so RSVP as soon as you know. The plan will probably be for us to take care of all the plans and expenses and divvy up the costs that day. We'll be looking to get together around noon and get to the game as soon as the parking lot opens. We'll need somebody to build a washer game (I'm looking at you, Wader)

Brewer Game - Guy's day game - Wednesday, August 6 or August 20:
This game is up in the air as game on the 6th starts at 11:35 while the 20th starts ar 1:05. I am free for either so it's majority rules. Again I will take care of everything and promise to add Miller Lite to the mix. Let me know which date you prefer. I can fit 7 in the minivan so if we get more than that we'll need another driver.

Let me know if you are interested in all or some of these days. I am also posting to the blog for your reference and because I am a dork.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Random anti-unc thoughts

First of all, I would like to thank Brian for his wonderful and brilliant $50 NCAA pool. I was able to ride Kansas to a $275 payday.

Although I admit it hurt to root for them.

Reason #1?

I don't like Kansas.

Reason #2?

Roy Williams.

As you all know I do not like this man. I never have and I never will. Here's why you shouldn't like him either.

This scene from last night's game is too much. And should be proof that everyone should hate this man and his team. (Only from this picture I cannot figure out who the hell is team is.)

Above is Roy, all smiles. Who do you coach? Kansas? unc? I'm so confused.

Now Roy, your team is in fact unc. You left Kansas by choice FIVE years ago to "return home." Not lost on me (and should not be lost on you, either) is that he left Kansas after losing the championship game. I guess Roy just took his ball and went home.

Now flash to some crappy San Antonio hotel room. You just lost the biggest game of your life. You are feeling bad. You are devastated. Just think of Tyler Hansbrough sitting in his hotel room drooling and eating a Baby Ruth while watching the game he spent all year trying to get to. He is sad. (Good.) And then he sees Roy.

All smiles and happy. Like it doesn't matter that his team just lost to the very team he now proudly displays on his chest.

Great way to be there for your team. Great example, Benedict. I guess maybe you thought it was worth it to get some face time on CBS and a halftime interview.

Thank you, Roy. I now know that my dislike for you is not based solely on my love for Duke. It is also based on the fact that you are a piece of crap. Way to be there for your team. A-hole.

One last thing:

I now present to you the ONLY unc fan I have ever, EVER agreed with...

I know this is not earth shattering to anyone that Billy Packer needs to go. The above picture just shows me that apparently Garth Brooks agrees with me.