Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sun Belt Fun Belt

The Sun Belt tournament tips off Tuesday in New Orleans. The league finished 15th overall in KenPom and this should be a wildly competitive tournament.

The 1- seed is Georgia State who won the league outright. They’re 121st in KenPom and own two SEC wins over Georgia and Alabama. They won yesterday, beating Georgia Southern on the road to clinch the 1-seed. That knocked Georgia Southern to the 3-seed. Georgia Southern is the highest rated KenPom team at 103 but got swept by Georgia State.

The 2-seed is UT-Arlington. The Mavericks did well in conference play but were awful out of league but did beat Northern Iowa. They’re 154th in KenPom. The 4-seed is Texas State. They’re 118th in KenPom but have lost 2 straight heading to New Orleans. 

There are 3 other teams in the KenPom top 175. They are Louisiana, UL-Monroe and Coastal Carolina. All are capable of winning on any given night.

The Pick: Georgia Southern - Pretty much a guess but slightly easier path than Georgia State.

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