Friday, March 29, 2019

Saturday Picks

West Region: Gonzaga vs. Texas Tech

KenPom’s top offense takes on KenPom’s top defense. Gonzaga is the offense, Texas Tech is the defense. Did we learn anything last night? I think enough where we can make an educated pick.

The Zags took on a Seminoles team that came in with swag and confidence. They eviscerated them. FSU got close at a point in the second half and the Zags never looked close to breaking. And they did it on both sides of the ball.

Texas Tech and Michigan took turns in the first half disgracing the sport before Texas Tech found a few buckets. They rolled in the second half overwhelming Michigan on both sides of the ball. Unlike Michigan, I can’t see the Zags turning it over as much and missing that many baskets. Truth is, Gonzaga is light years better than Michigan. That’s not a slam at Texas Tech, that’s praise for Gonzaga,

The Pick: Gonzaga 70 Texas Tech 59

South Region: Virginia vs. Purdue 

I really thought Virginia would glide to this game at least. I didn’t think Purdue would make it out of the first weekend. I thought Virginia’s offense had moved past their occasional stinkers. I thought Purdue’s offesne would have a game by now where it cost them. What can I say.

Virginia was clearly the better team last night. They won by 4. Purdue was coasting and then the offesne has its stretch of stink coupled with free throw shooting that was beyond bad. What does it all mean? Beats me. I think Virginia is better and they are favored by 4 in KenPom.

The Pick: Virginia 64 Purdue 60

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