Saturday, March 23, 2019

16 Hot Takes Friday Recap

- Iowa beat Cincinnati in what was a de facto home game for the Bearcats, yet Mick Cronin complained after the game it was unfair he had to play a team that was in the Top 25 at various times this season. 9 exits in 10 seasons on the first weekend, Mick. Maybe ask yourself if the problem is the man in the mirror and not some nefarious conspiracy.

- Tennessee struggles with Colgate who played loose and free. Sometimes you need a game like that to test your mettle. The Vols responded and eventually pulled away in the final moments.

- Oklahoma embarrassed Ole Miss in a bit of a surprise. That said, credit to Kermit Davis in his first season at Ole Miss. I questioned OU getting in, much less being a 9. Good on them getting a W.

- I turned off twitter but left the notices on and got some quickly as Gardner Webb jumped Virginia. I was momentarily intrigued but knew lightning would not strike twice. It seems weird to praise a 1-seed and coach for coming back against a 16 but there had to be a lot of doubt in that Virginia huddle. They’re going to roll to the regional final.

- UC-Irvine gave us the tournaments biggest upset as they beat Kansas State. K-State had a late 10-point lead in the 1st half but the offense went cold and never really seemed to click the rest of the game. The Anteaters are a really good team, much better than a 13.

- I tortured myself and watched the first half of the Oregon-Wisconsin game which was one of the worst halves of basketball I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure what Oregon did at half but they overwhelmed the Badgers in the second half. Wisconsin’s lack of athleticism was never more evident.

- Texas Tech won

- Buffalo ran Arizona State off the court. I know this, if I was an AD looking for a coach, I’d back up a truck full of cash and make Nate Oats day no.

- UCF handled VCU with relative ease. Tacko Fall gets Duke next

- Speaking of Duke, they slept walk for a half before unleashing the hounds of Hell. While it was fun in the second half, it’s not a course of action I’d recommend the rest of the tournament, starting sunday.

- Washington looked really impressive beating a solid Utah State team. The Aggies cut a Washington lead to 1 and were outscored 24-8 to close the game. It was something.

- North Carolina pulled a Duke and sleptwalk for a half against a pesky but clearly overmatched Iona team. Once they established themselves, the Tar Heels won with ease. Still, it’s a dangerous way to play in March. Kudos to the Gaels for playing not scared.

- Ohio State beat a clueless Iowa State team. I’m not sure what Iowa State had for a game plan because it didn’t look like they had one at all. Kudos to the Buckeyes but if I were a Cyclones fan, I’d be perplexed at what the hell that was.

- Houston overwhelmed Georgia State. It’s Sweet 16 or bust for the Cougars

- Liberty pulled the upset of Mississippi State in a genuinely entertaining game. Liberty is a very good team, sadly.

- Virginia Tech beat St. Louis by 14 after building a 22-point halftime lead. If you liked ugly basketball, this was the game for you. Thanks for playing, A-10.

Day Grade: B-, We got some upsets and a few fun games but nothing I’d say memorable. So far, 2019 has been a bit of a yawner

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