Sunday, March 10, 2019

ACC Tournament

The ACC starts their tournament on Tuesday in Charlotte, back on Tobacco Road where this tournament belongs. Up your ass, Boeheim.

Virginia and North Carolina shared the regular season title with Duke coming in third with an asterisk. Florida State and Virginia Tech are 4 and 5. Louisville and Syracuse are 6 and 7 with Louisville about 20 spots better in KenPom. NC State and Clemson are 8 and 9. Clemson should be in, NC State needs some work. They play one another in the 2nd round. NC State probably needs to win at least that game.

The bottom part of the league was bad this year and why they’re 3rd overall in KenPom. The ACC has 3 legit national championship contenders. No other league can match that. It’s possible FSU and VPI can make a Final 4.

The top 3 are the national title contenders. This tournament means different things for them. Virginia wants to keep winning and bury March 2018. UNC wants to solidify a 1-seed. Duke wants to get Zion Williamson worked back into the rotation. Win or lose next week, all 3 of these teams can cut the nets down in a month.

The Pick: Virginia - Getting the 1-seed was big. They get Clemson/NC State. They’ll handle that winner and whoever comes from the FSU/VPI side wont scare them. It would be an upset if they’re not in the final on Saturday

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