Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's going to be a long year for Hacker.

mixed feelings

Sorry, Bryan. While we enjoyed the poor girl who couldn't afford a shirt she had to go. You might be a dedicated, hard worker but the rest of us degenerates do sometimes visit here during normal business hours.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Now the picture is gone....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The first big upset

I was all stoked for the Tuesday night Kentucky-North Carolina game until I saw this headline this morning:

VMI 111, Kentucky 103

Christ, they can't even beat the Keydets of VMI, what chance do they have against NC.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I forgot that you all may be using a work account for the blog. My bad, I will refrain from boobies in the future.


The season has begun. As much as it pains me to say it, the season did not start when Olegk Czyzyxsysz dunked against the Blue Hose. Lets get to what this is really about. Dominic James is on the board, baby!! 2-5, we're shooting 40% on the season, meaning we're 28% above our career shooting percentage of 12%. The Bricklayers Union local 427 is pissed. but, a nice 30 point win over Houston Baptist Southern A&M State Sisters of the Poor.

Go Chickenhawks!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Sportsline has a countdown ticker on their website for the unc-Duke game on February 11th, 2009.   Yes, 90 days away.   Ironically, 02/11/09 is a Wednesday so it won't even be on CBS.   (The super bowl doesn't even get a ticker on their site yet.)  Also missing at this point is a countdown for the 03/08/09 grudge match.  I suppose it is only a matter of time.

On a related note, Roy Williams says Beaker is "extremely doubtful" for their Saturday opener. Hopefully it's not on tv so I don't have to listen to the announcers gush over how courageous he is when he comes in two minutes into the game.  No guys, he's not limping and he's not having a seizure either.  That's how he normally runs. You know what? He is also "extremely gay" but I don't seem to hear anything about that....

Monday, November 10, 2008


Just when you think it can't possibly get any worse, it appears our arch nemesis has been cloned. Either that or I was right and one of these guys is Aaron Rodgers.

One for Hacker, now one on Me

Well, I took a dig at Hacker on the Lute Olson post, here's a snippet from an article on a Duke signee for 2009 named Ryan Kelly. It's almost comical on how big of a tool this guy sounds like.

Off the court and away from the process, Kelly is anything but intense and serious.
Kelly's girlfriend, Lindsay Cowher, daughter of former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher, is quick to point out that Kelly is "very much in touch with his feminine side."
"Ry is the biggest chick-flick lover that I've ever known," said Lindsay, who is committed to play basketball at Wofford next year. "He likes them even more than I do."
And when "Nights in Rodanthe," a chick-flick lover's dream, opened Sept. 26?
"We had to leave the football game early," she said. "He wanted to be the first one there to see it."
He's not embarrassed about his love of those sappy stories. He parlayed his chivalrous knowledge into a column, teaming up with teammate Brian Rekuc to write a full-page article in the school newspaper listing the top 10 all-time chick flicks.
If you care, "The Notebook" edged out "P.S. I Love You" and "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" for the top spot, and each movie received a tissue box rating, signifying the number of tears shed while watching the movie.
"I think it was the most-read article in the paper," Kelly said with a proud grin. "My next one will be about 1990s Nickelodeon TV shows. That will be pretty cool."

Lute Olson Update


The ongoing (and never-ending) Lute Olson saga took another turn this week.
And this one is really bizarre.
According to the Arizona Daily Star, Olson's doctor filed a restraining order against Olson's ex-wife, Christine, the same day he announced his retirement. The newspaper reported that the restraining order was filed after Christine Toretti allegedly threatened Olson's doctor verbally and then by -- ready for this? -- placing a bullet-riddled target sheet on his chair in his office.
That's straight-up gangster.
And I really have no idea why this couldn't be a great reality series.

And it starts....

Today begins the journey that we all wait 7 months for. Time for the return of Big Monday, Super Tuesday, ACC Wednesday, and Busch Light Cube Saturday. The NCAA season kicks off today at 3pm with Georgia Southern vs Houston followed by Presbyterian at Duke.

All is well in the world today accept for the election and the missing McRibs. 2 weeks until BW3's open. Until then everybody limit their meals to salads and water.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A couple fearless predictions:

The Big Ten once again underachieves and barely gets 4 bids

The WCC locks up 3 bids by mid-February

Cornell wins their first round game as a 14 seed

A Sweet 16 team will come from one of these conferences:
Big South
Atlantic Sun

Conference USA is no longer dominated by Memphis while Tulsa, UAB and UTEP fight for 2 bids

My Final Four:
North Carolina
Duke (I know, you’re shocked)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2008-2009 Preseason Predictions

2009 Bracketology

**Rules – 31 Auto Conference Bids, 34 At Large Bids, 65 Total

Automatic Bids:
American East – Vermont
ACC – North Carolina
Atlantic Sun – Jacksonville
Atlantic 10 – Xavier
Big East – Notre Dame
Big Sky – Portland State
Big South – Gardner-Webb
Big 10 – Michigan State
Big 12 – Texas
Big West – Cal St-Northridge
Colonial – VCU
Conference USA – Memphis
Horizon – Cleveland State
Ivy League – Cornell
MAAC – Siena
MAC – Miami-Ohio
MEAC – Morgan State
Missouri Valley – Illinois State
Mountain West – UNLV
NorthEast – Mount St. Mary’s
Ohio Valley – Tennessee Mertin
Pac 10 – UCLA
Patriot – American
SEC – Tennessee
Southern – Davidson
Summit – North Dakota State
Southland – Stephen F. Austin
Sun Belt – Middle Tennessee State
SWAC – Alabama State
WAC – Louisiana Tech
West Coast – Gonzaga

Locks (22)
Arizona State
Ohio State
Wake Forest
St. Mary’s

Great Bets (8)
Southern Illinois
San Diego
West Virginia
Washington State

Last 4 In (4)
Old Dominion
Wright State

First 4 Out (4)
Mississippi State
St. Joseph’s

Also Considered (23)
George Mason
UW-Green Bay
Western Michigan
Eastern Michigan
Utah State
Virginia Tech
Georgia Tech
North Carolina State
St. Louis