Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Congratulations to UConn

And Dick Bennett & Tom Izzo would like to thank both of you for removing them from coaching the most recent worst Final Four game of all time.

That wasn't so pretty. It's probably a refelction of a much larger issue of bad basketball from the lower levels up to the NBA but I'll let Billy Packer use the soapbox for that.

Also, I'd be curious to find out who was the one coach that didn't vote them #1 in the final poll. That's laughable.

'Til next year...BIG EAST, Chuck!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Back from Jamaica

Just in time to watch the Brewers blow another game in the last couple innings. However, we do have the National Championship tonight. Here's where I'm going with it. Ronald Nored holds Kemba Walker to 17 points and Uconn continues it's cold outside shooting. Shelvin Mack has 20+ and Matt Howard, dispite foul trouble posts a double double including a last minute putback to lead the Butler Bulldogs to victory.

Butler 61, Connecticut 55

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday reflects on Saturday

It's probably appropriate that Butler and UConn will meet on Monday for the National title. Butler last lost to Jim Tressel's Youngstown State, er, tOSU, and UConn last lost to Notre Dame, 2/3 of the axis of evil.

And both played Michigan State in the previous Final Fours, Axis of Evil complete.

UConn's run is pretty remarkable. I thought they were much better than their 9-9 Big East record indicated (Final 4ish? Not necesarily but look at my picks). To me, it was more a reflection of a balanced, tough conference. I'm not saying the Big East was the greatest conference ever, but it was a meat grinder. Winning 5 in a row in the Big East tourney and following it up by winning 5 straight in the Dance is a feat we'll look back on in awe. If they win Monday and I'm Old Gangster Jim Calhoun, I walk away, tell the NCAA to kiss my backside and turn it over to Dave Leitao.

As impressive as UConn has been, Butler matches them. I texted a friend last night that watching Butler was a joy (Let bygones, be bygones dude. You get one trip on this rock and celebrate your friends. We all make mistakes.). No panic whatsoever. I want to be Brad Stevens. Calm, cool, collected and prepared. Whatever the opposition presents, Butler is not phased. And Shelvin Mack is going into my pantheon of great college basketball players with the likes of Laettner, Battier, Cleaves, O'Bannion, May, etc. I'll pay to watch him.

I don't know who will win on Monday. The stats say UConn is a prohibitive favorite but you betting against Butler? Rarely do we get a Championship game between more deserving teams. Butler and UConn truly earned this game and reminds us of why college basketball is so great and why we love March Madness. Kemba's ankle breaking shot against Pitt, Butler's decimation of Milwaukee...to this. Methinks Monday night will go down to the wire and whoever wins will have my, our admiration and kudos for making this another March/April run to remember.