Saturday, January 31, 2009

MU Game Recap

Man, that Stephen Obama sure can shoot. I like my change, but least some things dont change....

On to the game today. Getting G'Town at home, nice break there. DaJuan Summers came out stoopid hot and hit hit the first the GTown shots to give them a 8-2 advantage early. Summers ends up 9-12 FG on the game. I cant believe he only took 9 more shots on the game when he was 3-3 in the first 2 minutes. Dude, shoot the rock!!! MU looked a little sluggish early on, but got their shit together to get this game tied at the half at 42.

I was interested to see if Monroe could exploit the lack of MU inside game/height. All in all, he was effective but appeared to play small. He went 5-7 FG but Georgetown never really appeared to make a concerted effort to establish him inside.

Tied at 52 in the second half, MU goes on a 19-6 run and never looks back. MU again relies on the bench not, as again the main 4 all have 36+ minutes. At least this time someone else scored. In the most shocking stat of the game, DJames only shoots 6 times. So you are thinking he had 14 assists....wrong...3. Quiet game. Fun fact, James is shooting 45.9% FT on the season. Are you f-ing kidding me? Dude, Shaq is shooting over 60% this year. Ridiculous.

So, what do I make of this game? They won a game they should have won. Surprised the put up 90, not the game you usually expect against Georgetown (i.e. the normal 52-48 please kill me this is so brutal game....). McNeal is the best player on this team, but they will live and die with Lazar Haywood. He's doing the work inside, 6-6 playing like he's 6-9. Extremely solid, tough, and dependable. They should win their next 2 before going to Villanova, which may be the spot get tripped up on this win streak.

End Communication.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ok, I’m Almost Over It

Well, I’m over it enough to be able to break down the game without swearing. First of all Wake Forest is a really good team so there’s no shame in a 2 point loss on the road for Duke. On top of that we learned a lot of good things about Duke but there were also a couple glaring issues.

Let’s hit the low points first:

1. Point Guard Play: Paulus’s decision making and defense are never going to get better but for him to be productive he’s going to need to score 6-8 points a game and keep the other team’s point honest. Nolan Smith, who looked great early in the season is shooting awful and seems to be in foul trouble a lot. At one point in the second half they even went back to Scheyer at the point.
2. Jon Scheyer: Speaking of Scheyer, where has his jumper gone? Suddenly it’s a two man show between Henderson and Singler. To complete in the ACC and not fall in the second round of the tournament they need to have 3 reliable scorers. Right now they need Scheyer, Smith, or Paulus to step up.
3. Their Freshman: Non-existant is the issue. Plumee plays 7 minutes and Williams 3. Mix in these guys to keep Singler and Henderson fresh. The last thing we need is those two hitting a wall late in the season again.
4. Height: The lack of height and Zoubek barely counts, was exposed again. The biggest problem isn’t that they aren’t tall it’s that they don’t play big. Zoubek is 7-1 and Thomas 6-8 but they play so low to the ground they constantly get their shots swatted.

Now for the high points:

1. Gerald Henderson: Give Mike Patrick credit for stealing Demski’s “cold-blooded” line last night. Henderson is averaging close to 20 in ACC play and when he’s needed to step he does. That fade away to tie the game was sweet.
2. Kyle Singler: Dude is a small forward and he seems to get 10+ rebounds every game. Kind of like Lazar Hayward I guess. 22 and 12 last night to keep them in the game was the kind of performance we expect
3. Tenacity: Last year’s team would not have come back to tie that game. Last year the final is 70-52 in a laugher. Down 61-48 they locked down defensively and slowly chipped away at the lead whittling it down to a tie. They never seemed to panic and I only recall a couple forced shots from Scheyer and Paulus down the stretch.
4. David McClure: This guy might be the difference maker this year. Hear me out before you laugh. In the middle of the first half he enters the game for Zoubek and is put on their 7-0 center (McClure is 6-4). Two plays later, after Teague hits a drive and a jumper over Smith, Duke slides McClure over on Teague. Yes, in a matter of 3 minutes McClure played man to man on the Wake Forest center and point guard. And on top of that, you know what kind of respect they gave McClure? Wake put Teague beyond the 3 point line and didn’t move him. With McClure not leaving his side they were content to play 4-4 without the leading candidate for ACC player of the year and this happened more than once during the game.

There you have it, my unbiased opinion of the Wake Forest-Duke game. I didn’t even mention how the refs screwed Duke with the crappy travel call with 2 seconds left.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Eff Wake Forest. And while I'm at it, Eff unc. You suck and you almost -Damn it!- almost lost again. No, the hate does not ever end. Here's a gem from Reilly:

"At the end of my interview with North Carolina's Tyler Hansbrough in Chapel Hill recently, I threw out: "Is it true you freestyle?" And he said, "Yeah, you wanna hear one?" And then he delivered this, without a milliliter of gangster:

Give the ball to
The tower of power
Pass it back out
Watch my main man Bobby
Drain threes like
He's in the shower

Are you fucking kidding me? The suckfest continues. I honestly can't wait until he moves on to the next level so I never have to read this crap again. His lyrical genius should add to his street cred and allow him to really bond with the fine, upstanding citizens in the NBA.

I'm not exactly sure what draining threes in the shower means but it sounds gay and borderline illegal. How does he know what Bobby does in the shower? Is this some sort of code? And if you are "draining threes" while "in the shower" I suspect you are doing it wrong.

Travelling? Really?

The new defense is going to be this: Lay a guy under the hoop and if you get a rebound and fall on him then its travelling on you. Fucking Wake Forest. Fuck you.

Low Major Watch

Today’s focus is going to be low majors that can do some damage if they make the tournament. Most of these will probably be no higher than a 12 seed so it will take a herculean effort to pull off an upset but each of them have it in them:

Wisconsin – Green Bay, 15-6
RPI: 79 SOS: 253
I’m saying it now, UWGB will upset Butler in the Horizon League tournament and will make the NCAA’s as a 14 or 15 seed. This team is deep with 5 players averaging double digits and has played well most of the year. 3 of their losses came against tournament teams in Wisconsin, Utah, and Butler.

VMI, 16-3
RPI: 118 SOS: 324
Averaging 95 points per game this team will be fun to watch in March. 4 players average over 16 points per game and are led by twin brothers, Travis and Chavis Holmes at 21.8 ppg and 19.3 ppg. Big win over Kentucky 111-103 is looking bigger now that Kentucky is leading the SEC.

Siena, 16-5
RPI: 20 SOS: 26
Everybody remembers Siena from last year when they upset Vanderbilt as a 13 seed. This year they could be even better. 4 of their 5 losses have come against teams currently projected as in the tournament right now, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma State, Kansas, and Tennessee. With an RPI and SOS in the 20’s they will get consideration as an at large should they not win their conference tournament. They’re in the MAAC (Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference) in case you didn’t know.

North Dakota State, 14-5
RPI: 117 SOS: 293
The RPI and SOS aren’t anything to write home about but this team can ball. Take out their 9 point loss to the Golden Gophers and their other 4 losses came by a total of 15 points including a close one at USC. This team is lead by two high scorers, Brett Winkleman at 19.1 and Ben Woodside who averages 25 which included a season high 60 in a 1 point loss to Stephen F. Austin.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Found This Hilarious

Usually I think these are lame and this isn't March Madness related but I think this is great. Best lines:

Eagles ended in a tie, Donovan wondered why,


There goes another season,
Where Anquan Boldin's face,
It had to be replaced,

Past Memories...

The sad thing about this highlight is that nobody remembers that Duke got crushed in the second overtime and lost the game...and about 22 more that year.

Monday, January 26, 2009

MU-Notre Dame

To quote Brian's astute post:
"Speaking of Marquette; tomorrow's game against Notre Dame is exactly the sort of game that is going to go a long way to figuring out if they've turned the corner. Notre Dame plays three guards like Marquette but instead of Lazar Hayward manning the middle Notre Dame's got goofy looking Luke Harangody. If Marquette is able to neutralize Haragody while McNeal shuts down McAlarny they should be able to go to 7-0 in the Big East. If not then it proves they are still vulnerable to a taller team."

Well....they definitely aint no controlled Harangody. Dude pretty much did what he wanted when he wanted to. He even stopped to shuck corn and play the jug during time outs. On the other side, they really had no answer for McNeal, and McNeal did quite the D job on McAlarney. Despite D-James going thru a 3-chucking experiment in the first half and a confirmed fake looking injury with about a minute left, MU pulls this one out by 7. Quality road win....but....

ya just gotta wonder when the Big East schedule is going to expose that lack of depth. 71 points. 4 guys scored. Hayward and the big 3 all played 36+minutes, Burke and Acker rounding it out. I fear a team that looks so good hits a wall....last 5 games prior to Big East Tourney are @GTown, UConn, @Louisvill, @Pitt, Syracuse. That be brutal, my beer drinkin friends, and it aint the time to have no depth and a team getting tired....

Side note, Brian, you would have only had one different from Lunardi if you would have actually included Marquette in your bracket update. You love Georgetown so much that they get the auto bid and the great bet slot? Jared Lovette is crying as he reads this.

This Year’s Theme

This is call out to all readers and contributors that we need a new Theme song for March Madness ’09. Last years theme, “Beer”, by Pyschostick was a glorious and truthful song and a special thanks goes out to Brad Hacker for finding it but 12 months have come and gone and now it’s time to crown a new theme. Happy hunting and for old time’s sake here’s “Beer”.

This Week's Bracket

BTW, I compared mine to Lunardi's and we only have 2 different. I wonder if I can get a job shilling at ESPN?

Official Stats
Conference Tourney Winners = 31
Locks = 22 Great Bets = 8
Last 4 in = 4
Total At Large Bids = 34
Total Teams Invited = 65

Automatic Bids (31)
1 American East - Albany
2 ACC - North Carolina
3 Atlantic Sun - E. Tennessee State
4 Atlantic 10 - Xavier
5 Big East - Georgetown
6 Big Sky - Eastern Washington
7 Big South - VMI
8 Big 10 - Minnesota
9 Big 12 - Oklahoma
10 Big West - UC-Riverside
11 Colonial - VCU
12 C-USA - Houston
13 Horizon - Butler
14 Ivy League - Cornell
15 MAAC - Siena
16 MAC - Miami - Ohio
17 MEAC - Hampton
18 Missouri Valley - Illinois State
19 Mountain West - BYU
20 NorthEast - Quinnipiac
21 Ohio Valley - Austin Peay
22 Pac 10 - Stanford
23 Patriot - Lehigh
24 SEC - LSU
25 Southern - Davidson
26 Summit - North Dakota State
27 Southland - Stephen F. Austin
28 Sun Belt - Western Kentucky
29 SWAC - Alabama State
30 WAC - Utah State
31 West Coast - Gonzaga

Locks (22)
1 Wake Forest
2 Virginia Tech
3 Nort h Carolina
4 Florida State
5 Louisville
6 Clemson
7 Connecticut
8 Pittsburgh
9 Syracuse
10 Ohio State
11 Florida
12 Illinois
13 Purdue
14 Minnesota
15 Kansas
16 Missouri
17 Texas
18 Gonzaga
19 BYU
20 Arizona State
21 California

Great Bets (8)
1 Georgetown
2 Tennessee
3 Dayton
4 Baylor
5 Villanova
6 Miami-Fla
7 Notre Dame
8 West Virginia

Last Four In (4)
2 Oklahoma State
3 Stanford
4 Michigan

Last Four Out (4)
1 Illinois State
2 Providence
4 South Carolina

Also Considered (32)
1 Utah 29
2 San Diego State 39
3 UAB 40
4 Wisconsin 41
5 Temple 42
6 Kansas State 44
7 New Mexico 45
8 Houston 47
9 Northwestern 49
10 Tulsa 52
11 Arizona 54
12 Washington State 58
13 Rhode Island 61
14 Nebraska 63
15 Cleveland State 65
16 Penn State 68
17 Maryland 70
18 UW-Green Bay 74
19 George Mason 77
20 Creighton 78
21 Boston College 81
22 Texas A&M 83
23 Cincinnati 84
24 Northeastern 85
25 Mississippi State 86
26 Stephen F. Austin 93
27 St. Joseph's 97
28 Central Florida 99
29 Drake 105
30 TCU 108
31 Richmond 110
32 Nevada 114

Sticking with the Star Wars theme

I can't get the link thing to work, you'll have to cut and paste. Star Wars meets Springer.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Marquette Musings

Speaking of Marquette; tomorrow's game against Notre Dame is exactly the sort of game that is going to go a long way to figuring out if they've turned the corner. Notre Dame plays three guards like Marquette but instead of Lazar Hayward manning the middle Notre Dame's got goofy looking Luke Harangody. If Marquette is able to neutralize Haragody while McNeal shuts down McAlarny they should be able to go to 7-0 in the Big East. If not then it proves they are still vulnerable to a taller team.

Also, if you got time, check out the 8pm game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Not only is it a rivalry game but their contrast in style should make it interesting as Oklahoma likes to play in the sixties while Okie State need to be close to 90 to win. Plus you get to see Blake Griffin. I suggest checking that out instead of the Bachelor.

So That's What Goes On At Carolina Practices

Rachel Was Right

Chewbacca is real, and he's got a nasty slider.

D-James, My Take

Yes, Domonic James is playing better this year, numbers and wins prove that. But, the big question is how will this play out in the tournament when it really matters. Here’s my take on it. As of now, Marquette is 5-0 in the Big East and currently a #3 seed in the bracket. I expect some bumps in the road down the stretch but ultimately 13-5 in the Big East will be good enough for a #5 seed. Now, being a 5 seed usually spells disaster because the 12 seeds are so dangerous but this year is different in that there aren’t a lot of mid-majors creeping in the picture. Because of this I see the 12 seeds being teams like Mississippi State or Wisconsin instead of South Alabama. Ultimately I see Marquette being able to win at least 2 games and be able to make the Sweet Sixteen. After that it’s going to be all about matchups as they still lack size but make up for it with superb guard play and experience.

***I wrote this yesterday before the DePaul game where Marquette looked every bit the Sweet Sixteen team in the first half and every bit the 5 seed that gets beat by the 12 seed in the second half. I guess I haven’t figured them out yet.

Friday, January 23, 2009

An Analysis of Dominic James v4.0

I cant help it if you insist that I dwell on Dominic James. But as I pondered the glory that is Marquette Golden Chickenhawk basketball, I decided to see if James really is reining it in this year. We can all agree that last year Dominic James was crappier than normal - seemed to be shooting more, passing less, jacking 3's at a pace that made you want to change your poopy one year old rather than watch the game.... Is the team improvement this year due in part to James being less involved in the shooting and more involved in being an actual point guard?

The numbers appear to support this. In 18 games this year, James has attempted 186 FG, an average of 10.3 FG/g. Last year, 35g, 399 FGA for an average of 11.4. One less shot per game, but factor in that he's also shooting 43% vs. 39.8 last year. Yes, I am shocked its 43%. A further look at assists - his averages went down each year from Fr to Jr - 5.4, 4.9, 4.4. This year he is back to 5.2 APG. So, one less shot, one more assist, and shooting slightly better - this is probably good for 4-6 ppg overall. i.e. Better team. Not the only reason, but a part of it.

Side note, I aint buying into the Buzz Williams love yet. They are going as far as the core trio of Seniors is taking them, and I dont think Buzz is responsible for a whole lot except a little more up-tempo and removing the unfrozen caveman attitude. Unfortunately, the depth doesnt appear to be there to get them past the sweet 16, and I expect struggles facing teams with dominant big men or inside depth. The schedule is brutal at the end....we'll see how good they really are.

Past Memories...

Greg Paulus sings "Hurt". Best new YouTube video of '08.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I hate Ohio State too....but....

Greg Oden is also hilarious. Thus proving the comic stylings of Ohio State Centers.

I'm a chamelion. 'nuff said.

I Hate Ohio State But....

BJ Mullins is hilarious

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our First Sponsor

Two months before opening weekend and it looks like Dan has already secured our first sponsor. I’m proud to report to the group that it appears that Friday morning’s lunch (aka the hangover meal) will be sponsored by BW3’s. Drink as much as you want on Thursday because nothing clears up a hangover like Spicy Garlic, Asian Zing, or plain old Medium wings.

Wednesday Matchups

There are a couple big games tonight as Conference play is in full effect. Let’s hit the top 3 or 4.

Northwestern @ Michigan State
Northwestern needs a big road win to keep within sniffing distance of the Brackets. Michigan State is on a 11 game win streak and have looked unstoppable in the past month. Northwestern keeps it close but eventually loses in the last 5 minutes, 68-61.

Villanova @ Connecticut
Nova has looked solid against a bunch of cream puffs while loses to all the big names teams so far. Connecticut should remain in the top 3 or 4 in the Big East all year long. Villanova is exposed for what they really are in an UConn laugher, 82-63

George Mason @ Northeastern
Colonial action! As you can see I still have a man crush for the Colonial conference. Northeastern is a solid team and should finish in the top half of this 14 team conference but George Mason needs these road wins to maintain the chance for an at large bid if they slip up in the conference tournament. Close game through out but George squeaks it out 64-62

Clemson @ North Carolina
Clemson has 1 loss to undefeated Wake Forest, nothing to be ashamed of. North Carolina has split their last 4 as ESPN’s wet dream of a team. Clemson has lost 53 straight at UNC and it’s looking like they’ll make it 54. Clemson falls apart this game and the rest of the season, 16-1 now, 22-10 at the end of the year. UNC 91, Clemson 79

Monday, January 19, 2009

Two Months and Counting

Were two months away and here's how I see it

Official Stats
Conference Tourney Winners = 31
Locks = 22 Great Bets = 8
Last 4 in = 4
Total At Large Bids = 34
Total Teams Invited = 65

Automatic Bids (31)
1 American East New Hampshire 281
2 ACC Wake Forest 6
3 Atlantic Sun Jacksonville 91
4 Atlantic 10 Xavier 17
5 Big East Marquette 24
6 Big Sky Portland State 90
7 Big South VMI 175
8 Big 10 Michigan State 18
9 Big 12 Oklahoma 14
10 Big West Long Beach State 124
11 Colonial George Mason 75
12 C-USA Memphis 10
13 Horizon Butler 30
14 Ivy League Cornell 109
15 MAAC Siena 69
16 MAC Miami - Ohio 182
17 MEAC Hampton 260
18 Missouri Valley Northern Iowa 88
19 Mountain West Utah 27
20 NorthEast Robert Morris 152
21 Ohio Valley Austin Peay 163
22 Pac 10 California 25
23 Patriot American 121
24 SEC Florida 37
25 Southern Davidson 42
26 Summit North Dakota State 74
27 Southland Stephen F. Austin 94
28 Sun Belt Western Kentucky 117
29 SWAC Alabama State 203
30 WAC Utah State 47
31 West Coast Gonzaga 2

Locks (22)
1 Georgetwon 4
2 Duke 1
3 North Carolina 3
4 West Virginia 12
5 Arizona State 9
6 Texas 26
7 Illinois 16
8 Syracuse 29
9 Kentucky 19
10 Connecticut 8
11 Clemson 22
12 Villanova 28
13 Louisville 13
14 Oklahoma State 33
15 Purdue 15
16 UCLA 11
17 Baylor 34
18 Miami - Fla 31
19 Pittsburgh 5
20 Tennessee 36
21 Missouri 7
22 St. Mary's 48

Great Bets (8)
1 Washington 20
2 Stanford 38
3 Kansas 21
4 Ohio State 40
5 Wisconsin 39
6 Houston 45
7 Notre Dame 44
8 Minnesota 43

Last Four In (4)
1 LSU 54
2 Utah 23
3 Michigan 52
4 USC 35

Last Four Out (4)
1 Temple 58
2 Arizona 49
3 Northwestern 51
4 Maryland 64

Also Considered (24)
1 San Diego State 41
2 Tulsa 46
3 Kansas State 32
4 Cleveland State 50
5 Rhode Island 53
6 Washington State 55
7 New Mexico 56
8 VCU 57
9 UAB 59
10 South Carolina 60
11 Nebraska 61
12 Vanderbilt 62
13 Florida State 63
14 Illinois State 65
15 Miami - Ohio 66
16 UNLV 67
17 Dayton 68
18 UTEP 70
19 Texas A&M 72
20 Penn State 76
21 UWGB 79
22 Providence 80
23 Creighton 81
24 Belmont 83
25 Boston College 86
26 Virginia Tech 86
27 Arkansas 92
28 Niagara 99
29 Drake 102
30 Mississippi State 71
31 Southern Mississippi 78
32 Evansville 129

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Separeted at Birth

David McClure (Duke) and Toby Bailey (UCLA)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stock Watch

Stock Up:
Kentucky – forget Jodie Meeks’ 54 points for a minute. The 18 point win AT Tennessee is just as important. 13-4 and undefeated in the SEC speaks volumes that this team may be back.
Utah State – They lose all time leading scorer JayCee Carroll to graduation and they keep on going. 15-1 so far with their only loss coming against BYU. Gary Wilkinson leads this team at almost 20 a game to go with his 9 rebounds.
Wake Forest – In case you haven’t heard they knocked off North Carolina on Sunday night as 7 point dogs at home. Yes, you read that correctly, undefeated, at home, and ranked #4 and they were still getting 7 points. ESPN’s hype machine is out of control

Stock Down:
North Carolina – Last years weakness was defense, this years weakness is defense. That’s great coaching from clueless Roy. The blueprint to beat this team is obvious, push the pace and stop 1 of their top 3. Let’s see who else can step up
The MAC – ugly, ugly conference. It’s mid-January and this league has no chance at a multiple bid league already. Welcome to the 14 seed who ever win the conference tournament
Illinois State – 14-0 a week ago, 14-2 today including losses to Bradley and 4-13 Indiana State. Somebody’s crashing back to earth.

Monday, January 12, 2009

F You Doug Gottlieb

And I quote from your blog article on Friday, “Everyone I know and everyone you know thinks North Carolina is the best team in the country and simply had a bad night.” Also, “First, we all agree -- all things being equal -- that UNC is the best team in the country.” Amazingly they just had another “bad night” on Sunday. Well then, I guess every time a team loses it’ll just be chalked up as a bad night. Penn State isn’t horrible, they’ve just had 8 bad nights in a row. Time to put to rest that this year is Carolina and then everybody else. Their defense appears to be even worse this year than last. Now, I’m not saying that they are going to go 6-10 in the ACC this year, I’m sure they’ll still be right around 12-4 but the days of locking UNC in the Final Four are over.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Add The Caption

A new feature I’m adding to the blog this year is the “Add The Caption” article. I will present a picture and it’s up to each and everyone of you to supply a caption for it. Captions can be added by clicking on comments link below the article.

Here’s the first one of the year:

Return of Separated at Birth

Shane McMahon (the only reason to watch wrestling) and Matt Painter (coach of the Purdue Boilermakers)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Simple Math

North Carolina loses to Boston College, Boston College loses to Harvard, therefore North Carolina is only as good as a mid-level Ivy League school. It's simple math; although somebody looks confused.

Let's Talk Big Ten

Not sure if anybody has noticed but the Big Ten is back! Check out Bracketology and CBS Sportsline. They currently have 6 Big 10 teams in the tournament and 2 or 3 more on the radar. In fact, the only team with no chance at this point is the Unfrozen Caveman led Indiana Hoosiers. Now, let’s see a show of hands of all of those who are buying into the Big Ten hype this year. Yeah, me neither. Look, most of the Big Ten teams have great records. If you remove Northwestern and Indiana the worst record is Purdue (ranked 22 by the way) at 11-4. The difference between this year and the past 2 or 3 years is the Big 10 teams are actually beating North Dakota State and College of Charleston. They are still only 8-10 against non Big 10 top 25 teams as of this writing. Who do you think is better? Arizona State or Michigan? Wake Forest or Minnesota? Michigan State or Oklahoma? Yeah, they’ll probably get 6 teams in the tournament this year but how many are you picking to make the sweet 16? I’m guessing 1 and it’ll probably be Wisconsin.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It could be worse.

Yes, Brian has a large "gathering" every March. But it could always be worse. We could also repeat the same large "gathering" for the weekend after, too. Granted this article might be referring to a different kind of Sweet 16 Party but the results could be eerily similar and should be taken to heart. Look at what happens in Newark...

"A private Sweet 16 party at the Newark Senior Center over the weekend ended in gunfire after a fight erupted, including 30 party-goers fighting with chairs in the parking lot."

Yes, Rachel. I know you were nearly "killed" in a gunfight once in Arizona but see? It could always be worse. We should be rewarded for our restraint each year at your house.

The glass is always half full. Besides, look at it this don't have 30 chairs.

FSU whoops Duke!!!

This will be the January 10th headline. Should be quite a game! Hopefully Dachel can get out of the house and go to BW3's to enjoy this classic matchup. I will buy the first pitcher of Busch Light and bring a box of tissues for him! FSU is 13-2... can you believe that!!! We have not had a record like that since the George McCloud, Douglas Edwards, Charlie Ward, Sam Cassell & Bob Sura era. WOW!!! Top those players Duke!!!

Slow Days = Good Memories

Not much going on last night with the exception of Notre Dame winning a big home game against Georgetown. Since it's so slow let's just watch this little gem.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday Notes

Hmm, did anything happen yesterday that is worth noting on the blog today? Geez, seems like I need to mention something but I just can’t figure it out. Well, Duke won by 25 but that wasn’t much of a surprise, after all they were favored by 16. Gosh, it just seems like there is something else that happened. Oh wait, I’ve got it. The almighty North Carolina Mouth Breathers lost. Hmm, didn’t I read all over ESPN how they were going to go undefeated this year? Wow, can’t even win their first ACC game….at home. ESPN, you’re correct, no need for March Madness this year. Give UNC the crown now, they obviously are heads and shoulders above everybody else.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Get Your Blog On!

Well, it’s 2009 and the blog must now be fired up to count down to March Madness. With the Packers season over and the Little 10 getting their ass handed to them in the bowls there should nothing in the way of getting focused for College Basketball. As we step into the new year here’s how the brackets shake out.

Official Stats
Conference Tourney Winners = 31
Locks = 22 Great Bets = 8
Last 4 in = 4
Total At Large Bids = 34
Total Teams Invited = 65

Automatic Bids (31)
1 American East - Albany
2 ACC - North Carolina
3 Atlantic Sun - E. Tennessee State
4 Atlantic 10 - Xavier
5 Big East - Georgetown
6 Big Sky - Eastern Washington
7 Big South - VMI
8 Big 10 - Minnesota
9 Big 12 - Oklahoma
10 Big West - UC-Riverside
11 Colonial - VCU
12 C-USA - Houston
13 Horizon - Butler
14 Ivy League - Cornell
15 MAAC - Siena
16 MAC - Miami - Ohio
17 MEAC - Hampton
18 Missouri Valley - Illinois State
19 Mountain West - BYU
20 NorthEast - Quinnipiac
21 Ohio Valley - Austin Peay
22 Pac 10 - Stanford
23 Patriot - Lehigh
24 SEC - LSU
25 Southern - Davidson
26 Summit - North Dakota State
27 Southland - Stephen F. Austin
28 Sun Belt - Western Kentucky
29 SWAC - Alabama State
30 WAC - Utah State
31 West Coast - Gonzaga

Locks (22)
1 Pittsburgh
2 Duke
3 Clemson
4 West Virginia
5 Florida State
6 Texas
7 Illinois
8 Syracuse
9 Ohio State
10 Michigan State
11 Wake Forest
12 Villanova
13 Louisville
14 Oklahoma State
15 Wisconson
17 Baylor
18 Miami
19 Memphis
20 Tennessee
21 Northwestern
22 St. Mary's

Great Bets (8)
1 Missouri
2 California
3 Arizona State
4 Dayton
5 Evansville
6 Marquette
7 Texas A&M
8 Boston College

Last Four In (4)
1 Notre Dame
3 Creighton
4 Michigan

Last Four Out (4)
1 Temple
2 Purdue
3 Maryland
4 Cincinnati

Also Considered (24)
1 Rhode Island
2 Niagara
3 Illinois - Chicago
4 Texas Tech
5 Cleveland State
6 Washington
7 Iowa
8 Virginia Tech
10 Florida
11 Arizona
12 Lamar
13 George Mason
14 Boise State
15 San Diego State
17 Kentucky
18 Vanderbilt
19 USC
20 Hofstra
21 Tulsa
22 Arkansas
23 Drake
24 Akron
25 Kansas State
26 Washington State
27 Kansas
28 Providence
29 College of Charleston
30 Seton Hall
32 Penn State