Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Rollie Massimino

Bad week for college basketball continued as it lost another of its legendary coaches as former Villanova coach Rollie Massimino passed away today. Massimino was the coach of the 1985 Villanova team that shocked Georgetown in the NCAA Final as a 8-seed. 

Massimino was one of the many great characters of the Big Easy heyday. Boeheim, Thompson, Carlesimo, Carnesecca and Massimino stalked the sidelines throughout the 80's all taking their respective schools to at least one Final Four. Of all those coaches, Massimino's Wildcats were often the underdog and they relished the role. Massimino left Villanova following the 91-92 season with a bitter taste in his mouth. Accused of breaking up the Big 5 games and a grumbling fan base helped push him to UNLV.

He didn't find much success after leaving Philadelphia but was still widely respected as one of the great basketball coaches of not only the northeast, but all of college hoops. Forever a coach, Massimino spent the last 11 years coaching at Division II NAIA Keiser University in Florida.

Eventually, former assistant Jay Wright brought Rollie back into the Villanova family and Massimino was seen in the crowd during the Wildcats title win over North Carolina in 2016. 

His passing is a reminder that many of the great characters of the sport are long gone. In the corporatized world of college athletics, the days of coaches like Massimino are long gone. Like Jud Heathcote, it's doubtful someone like Rollie could survive in today's 24/7 media glare. It's a shame. While his teams played a grinding style I'd certainly hate today, Massimino was the type of guy you'd love to have a beer with. College basketball needs more Massimino's not less.

I've thought about what coaches today are true characters of the sport. Roy Williams? John Calipari? Jim Boeheim? Bob Huggins Those are the 4 I could think of and all 4 are throwbacks to contemporaries of Rollie Massimino. And out of those 4,Calipari is the closest thing. Love him or hate him, but his brutal honesty about himself and the sport is refreshing. Ive developed a begrudging respect for Huggins since his Cincinnati days. Boeheim has just become an angry old man.

RIP, Rollie.  You made college hoops fun.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Jud Heathcote

Jud Heathcote passed away yesterday at the age of 90. If you're of a certain age from Wisconsin and a college hoops fans, you remember guys like him, Gene Keady and Bob Knight inflicting yearly beatings on Steve Yoder's Badgers. Knight may be the most famous of that troika but I'd argue Heathcote's reach on the game will last far longer.

Jud Heathcote won a national title in 1979 with Magic Johnson. As we know, that game is often lauded as the one that put college basketball on the map. We can argue whether that's the case or not but there is little doubt the impact it had on all of basketball. It jump started the Bird-Magic rivalry that propelled the NBA into a new stratosphere.

While he'd never win another national title, the Spartans remained a perennial Big Ten contender in his tenure. He'd also send numerous players into the association including players like Steve Smith and Scott Skiles. His final team included former Milwaukee Buck Shawn Respert and Eric Snow. The guy knew talented guards.

Upon his retirement, he strongly pushed for his protege Tom Izzo to replace him. After a slow transition, Izzo produced the Spartans second national championship and have continued the winning ways Heathcote began decades ago. There aren't many more coaches as influential in the college game today as Tom Izzo, for better or worse, and Jud Heathcote helped assure that.

There are couple final thoughts about his legacy as well. In his retirement, Heathcote was a regular behind the bench at Gonzaga basketball games. Former Zags coach Dan Monson had served as an assistant under Heathcote at Michigan State. Jud would form a strong relationship with Mark Few, another highly respected coach who has built one of the great national programs.

There's a local connection as well. Marquette basketball experienced a renaissance and great growth under Tom Crean, a Tom Izzo assistant. Say what you want about Crean, but what he did for and at Marquette was as nearly important as what Al McGuire did. 

Jud Heathcote may not be as remembered as a Dean Smith but his impact on basketball was nearly as big. His reach throughout the sport is still felt in many places today. Bob Knight may have the national titles, Jud Heathcote has the greater legacy and lasting impact.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Summer Top 10

We've had just about all the key transfers make decisions and all the top incoming freshman make decisions. Here's my early top 10:

10. USC: They were one of the last teams in the field in 2017. That will not be the case in 2018. This is Andy Enfield's best team.

9. Florida: Michael White has put his signature on the program and it is trending up. After a bit of a blip following Billy Donovan's departure, the Gators look ready for another run.

8. Kansas: I put them here solely on betting on Bill Self. Having Devontae Graham back helps. They get former top 10 prospect Malik Newman and super frogs Billy Preston. 

7. Louisville: Expectations are high even after Donovan Mitchell decided to stay in the draft. Expect the sophomores to take big jumps.

6. Duke: This might be too high. Banking on Bolden being a complement to Allen. 
5. Wichita State: Everyone is back. Competition will be tougher. Record won't be as good but they won't get underseeded unless the AAC is a complete wreck.

4. Villanova: They lose the POY but add Omari Spellman who basically had a redshirt season. Mikal Bridges is the guy to watch. Expect a big season from him.

3. Kentucky: Almost no minutes return but I'm pretty bullish on them being a problem come March. It's an athletic class coming in that might be as good as the Wall group and Davis group. 

2. Michigan State: Even with close calls since 2000, this could be Izzo's best team since then. Clear Big 14 favorites. Izzo is March takes will strangle you in 2018.

1. Arizona: Not sure if Rawls Alkins is going pro. If not, I'm confident in this ranking. If he does go pro, a little less so. A full season of Allonzo Trier, my early POY, is pretty exciting. Good mix of youth and vets.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Wichita State and the American

In a move that was widely expected, the AAC added Wichita State as its 12th basketball member this week. In a week that saw nearly all of Memphis returning players transfer coupled with many defections from UConn, I guess this qualifies as a win for the league.

My initia reaction was this was a desperate move. It may still turn out to be that but ultimately, it's a short term win at the worst for both parties. 

Wichita State had made 1 tourney in 20 years prior to the arrival of Gregg Marshall. Initial blush makes you think their recent success is coach driven. While his presence has helped make them successful, we have two examples of how a mid-major can sustain with one coach and with multiple coaches.

Gonzaga made a Cinderella run with Dan Monson and then Mark Few came along and grew on that magical March. Despite many offers at more prestigious places, Few stuck around and turned the Zags into a national power despite league affiliation. In the Midwest, Butler did the same running through many coaches. Marshall can stay at Wichita and be another Mark Few or Wichita can sustain without him. Both are doable. Either way, the Shockers are in a better position to sustain where they are and even exceed. Also, Gregg Marshall has a lot more reason to stay.

As for the AAC, it was a shot worth taking. The league has plenty of good basketball schools that are simply in a period of flux. The league can be very good. They also have to be realists. UConn & Cincinnati will always be expansion targets. While the Shockers don't have D-1 football, rumblings are they want to work their way to that point. Also, they have the Koch Brothers willing to spend some $ on them.

The loser is the Missouri Valley. Once the shining beacon of the mid-majors, they've lost their most rabid fan base in Creighton and their most marketable team in Wichita State. Rumored Shocker replacements Valpo or Murray State are very good basketball schools with success stories in their histories but it seems like decades since the Valley looked like a 3-4 bid league. That's too bad in this new world.

When Wichita State go their 10-seed, this was fair accompli. They had no choice but to make this move. The big shots in college athletics will be happy as well as it continues to weaken the mid-majors. Understandable series of events. Also a sad series of events. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Final Game Thoughts

The title game between North Carolina and Gonzaga was not an aesthetically pleasing affair. While close, it wasn't a well-played game.

That doesn't diminish North Carolina's championship. They were and are a deserving champ. They've been one of the best teams all year long. The Zags were deserving title game participants as well. The game itself simply mirrored what was a largely uninspiring tournament full of mediocre basketball.

A lot of people are trying to pin this on the officials and they deserve some of the blame but the college basketball game is in transition at the moment. The move to allow players freedom of movement comes at a price and that price is teams and coaches adapting to a tighter called game.

Something similar happened in the NBA about 20 years ago. Rick Pitino discussed this on the radio yesterday about when he was in the NBA and David Stern wanted more offense. The league pushed for less physical play to open the game up. Not everyone I know agrees with me, but today's NBA is the best it's been in my lifetime since the heyday of Bird and Magic.

That's the goal of college hoops. Am I certain coaches can adapt? Not necessarily but I think we'll see more offensive innovation. When thinking about this, I tried to recall the last major program to adopt any type of offensive first mentality. It's been at least 25 years. The Runnin' Rebels have been long gone.

Coaches don't get fired for preaching defense. It's the easiest coaching cliche there is. But, if we allow the game to adapt to the officials calling it tighter, we may see more offensive innovation and better basketball, basketball where the best players aren't being grinded down by Johnny Try Hard and allowed to play freely.  Hopefully, anyway.

Now, that doesn't excuse missing out-of-bounds calls or continually butchering charge calls. Or missing obvious goaltends or travels after an offensive player bounces off a stationery dude. That is just painful to watch and happens way too often.

We're now into the off-season. It's only 200 days until next season begins where someone from the ACC will probably win the National Title and where Arizona finally makes a Final 4.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Final Pick

Remember when I casually mentioned North Carolina's offensive rebounding in my picks Saturday? Blind squirrel, nut and so on.

With how the regions fell this year, this was the best possible matchup we could have via KenPom. We have the 1 and 3 matching up (Had the 2, Nova, made it here, they'd have faced The Zags on Saturday). Remarkably, Gonzaga is a 4-point favorite with a 63% probability.

The Zags have the most efficient defense in the nation. The key tonight will be keeping their bigs on the court and not in foul trouble. The Zags are good at limiting offensive rebounds. Carolina is hands down the best offensive rebounding team in the nation. It'll be harder to limit extra chances for the Tar Heels if Karnowski, Collins and Williams are battling foul trouble.

The Zags are the better shooting team and have a much better effective fg% on defense. Tempo won't be an issue. Both teams average about the same amount of possessions per game. 

Joel Berry says he's good to go. He'll have to be against the Zags backcourt. I think the guy that decides this game is Justin Jackson. A projected lottery pick, a big night I think gives the edge to UNC.

People on the radio this morning seem to think this is Carolina's to lose. The Zags still aren't getting much respect. As much as I want to see them win to end such silly talks, I think Carolina wins a close one. And I think it's a big game from Justin Jackson that carries them. Still, go Zags.

The Pick: North Carolina 79 Gonzaga 77

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday Final 4 Ramblings

Let's start with the nightcap. That was an interesting game. While it ended close, it never felt close. The Ducks never got the star contributions they needed from Brooks and Dorsey and yet...

It wasn't a good game. Close finishes don't equal good games. Oregon played the first half turning the ball over too much and played the second half missing and taking too many challenged 3's. Carolina seemingly played ahead 7-9 points the entire second half. 

The player of the game was Kennedy Meeks who picked up the scoring heft in absence of Isaiah Hicks who was a non-factor. He was a man last night. 

The end of the game was ridiculous. The Ducks going for the quick two was fine. Failing to box out on 4 missed free throws was not. Carolina didn't make a bucket in the final five minutes or so. It was typical of this tournament. A game that finished with tension caused not by great play but by folly. 

Jordan Bell will take a lot of grief, but he was the Ducks best player last night. And he was arguably their best player in March. Sports can be painfully cruel.

The early game was much better. The first 16 minutes were really well played. The Zags made a run after Karnowski went out. How he nearly loses an eye and there's no foul, I'll never know. The Zags picked up the pace without him and Carolina looked gassed heading into halftime.

After being nearly invisible in the first half, the refs made their presence felt in the second half. The Zags built a 14-point lead that was erased in the blink of an eye as they appeared to slow down on offense and Sindarious Thornwell drew a terrible charge call. To the Zags credit, they didn't flinch. They regained the lead and held off a tough Gamecocks team.

The problem in the second half were the whistle happy zebras. What was a great paced game got bogged down by a ref show. Both teams played well through it. Gonzaga executed as well as any team this month in the final moments. The foul to deny a potential tying three, the sure handed rebound and a freshman calmly drilling the two FTs to ice it. It was a pleasure seeing a team execute late.

Freshman Zach Collins was the player of the game. He provided rebounding, timely scoring (his dead ball three was a thing of beauty for Zags fans) and a toughness inside I don't think South Carolina anticipated. His name had popped up in 2018 draft talk. His name now is popping up in 2017 draft talk. So, we may have a one-and-done.

There's still a lot of chatter about the "easy path" the Zags have had to the title game. It's silly. After watching South Carolina embarrass Duke, humble Baylor and beat Florida, that was a grown-ass team. The Zags played like champions and reacted like champions after SC blitzed them to take a brief lead. If you don't think this is a worthy team, you're an idiot. Forget the analytics which love them, watch this team. If you don't see a great team, you simply have a bias. Win or lose Monday, Gonzaga was a great team this year and is one of the best college basketball programs in the nation.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Final 4: The Picks

South Carolina vs. Gonzaga

Entering the tournament, South Carolina was one of the weaker offensive teams. Inefficient mixed with poor shooting. During the tournament, they've had 4 of their most efficient games of the year. They were helped by playing two weak defensive teams early but in regional weekend, they played two very good defensive teams.

On the flip side, they haven't played a team as good on defense as the Zags. Why? Well, the Zags have the most efficient defense in the nation. The Zags have also faced two teams in West Virginia and Northwestern that make you uncomfortable on offense like Carolina will try and do.

I've continually picked against South Carolina, fully expecting their offense to do them in. It hasn't but I'm stubborn. 

Gonzaga 67 South Carolina 59

North Carolina vs. Oregon

Is Joel Berry fully healthy? That's the key question. If he can't go, Oregon has a much better chance of winning. 

KenPom has Carolina as a 2-pt favorite. Oregon has the horses to match the athleticism of Carolina. Oregon has enough size. Oregon also has better effective defensive and offensive fg%. Carolina will have opportunities for second chance points. That could be the difference in a close game.

Everyone assumes Carolina is the team to beat this weekend. They called their game against Kentucky a de facto title game. It wasn't. 

The Pick: Oregon 76 North Carolina 73

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

25th Anniversary of the Shot

Brian piqued my interest by asking what would be the second best college basketball game I ever saw after Duke-Kentucky which is celebrating its 25th Anniversary.

From a personal satisfaction standpoint, Marquette's trouncing of Kentucky in the regional final would probably rate second. The previous three games could certainly round out the top 5. All 3 were too close for comfort but wildly satisfying at the end.

Marquette's wins over Murray State in 2012 and Butler in 2013 would also rate highly from a personal standpoint. So many games have been lost to the fog of time and in many instances, intoxocation. I know Gonzaga-Arizona is 2003 was wild and Xavier-Ohio State in 2007 was as well but I was pretty lit up for both.

Regular season games have hardly stuck with me. The Jason Williams one man show versus Maryland, Novak smoking UConn, various Cincinnati losses sort of stick.

Though we'll see a lot of the Showalter-Chiozza highlights, with Florida not winning Sunday, the drama is diminished since Florida didn't make the Final 4. Luke Maye's shot on the other hand after Malik Monk's three, that story will have more legs years from now unless your a Gator or Badger.

At the end of the day, no game had better play, more story behind it, more drama and a better ending than Duke-UK. No game is probably seared into my memory more than that one. It was truly the perfect game for March. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Final Four Fun FactZ

Well, the Final Four is set. We have two 1-seeds in Gonzaga and North Carolina advancing. We have a solid 3-seed in Oregon, left for dead by many, including myself after the loss of Chris Boucher. The Cinderella is South Carolina, as least likely a Final 4 team from a power league I can remember since maybe Wisconsin in 2000. Anyway, here's some numbers to tide you over until Saturday.

- Gonzaga remains the number 1 overall team in KenPom. They have the best defense and it's a solid margin over South Carolina. The offense is 14th.

- South Carolina is 2nd in defensive efficiency. They're 105th in offense. That's the 2nd worst of the KenPom era. Louisville was 109th in 2012. LSU was 62nd in 2006 and Syracuse was 50th last year. None of those teams made the title game.

- North Carolina is 3rd in KenPom and 6th in offensive and 18th in defensive efficiency respectively. 

- All the other coaches are Final 4 newbies but this is Daggum Roy's 9th Final 4 and 5th with North Carolina.

- This is the 2nd time he has taken UNC to back-to-back Final 4's. He did so in 2008 and 2009.

- Oregon is at 10 in KenPom, 16th and 19th in offensive and defensive efficiency.

- Per CJ Moore of Bleacher Report, South Carolina's offensive efficiency before the tournament was 101.8. During the tournament? It's 116.7. No, we didn't underestimate them. They're on a roll.

- The last time a regional final was held at MSG, UConn won it. It was also a 7-seed.

- This the first Final 4 since 1998 to include 2 "west coast" teams. I'm stretching out to Utah for that.

- The Zags and South Carolina are making their first Final 4 as you know. The last Final 4 to include two newcomers was 1996, Mississippi State and UMass.

- Dana Altman and Frank Martin both coached at Kansas State.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Morning Elite 8 Musings and More

- Let's begin by discussing Indiana doing the right thing and not hiring Steve Alford. Alford's track record is fine but Indiana needed to hire a young, energetic coach and successful young coach. They checked all three with Archie Miller.

He'll find Indiana to be unreasonable in expectations but my guess is his he'll do well enough and better than his predecessor. Will Indiana accept a track record similar to his brother Sean? My guess is yes. Sean Miller will get to a Final 4 soon enough and Archie will at IU. Which does first? 

- Congratulations to Mark Few and Gonzaga for breaking through. The criticism they've received through the years has been largely unfair. Now, people are mocking them for only having to beat an 11-seed, beating West Virhinia and surviving a Northwestern "scare".

A. Way to go Arizona for not "legitimizing" the Zags Final 4.

B. Checks KenPom and sees West Virginia is still 7th. But West Virginia missed a bunch of shots! Weird. Zags must not have the nation's most efficient defense for a reason.

C. They survived Northwestern? Doubt Carolina gets the same reaction about Arkansas if they advance today.

- The most impressive player of the day was Jordan Bell of Oregon who was so intimidating he basically ruined Kansas. Kansas was so spooked by him, by time they started stopping the Ducks on defense, it was too late. Going to write about Dana Altman and the Ducks path here later this week.  

- Bill Self is now 2-7 in regional finals and a bad coach. Or so I hear. Listen KU faithful, be careful what you wish for. The wilderness is vast and you can wonder it for years.

Now, for the games...


South Carolina vs. Florida: Is it the Muschamp Bowl or the Spurrier Bowl? Whatever the case, if you had this as your regional final, you live in SEC Country. I've been betting against both since the bracket was announced so what to do? 

Let's review Florida's game against the Badgers. Fall behind 16-8 but lead at half. Blow a 12-point lead in the final 3:50 with the final blow being an off-balanced 3 by a former walk-on who punctuates it by doing the Discount Double Choke. Fall behind in overtime by 6. Have Canyon Berry granny some free throws, block Iverson and then Chris Chiozza makes a wild 3 to win at the buzzer. This, while today's opponent manhandled their opponent earlier in the evening. Points to an emotional letdown, no? What the hell do I know?

The Pick: Florida 66 South Carolina 58


Kentucky vs. North Carolina: 

According to some, this is being billed as the de facto national title game. Again, checks KenPom and scratches head.

Listen, it'll be a good game and the winner will be billed as the favorite next weekend but if you think either would be a lock you haven't been paying attention to what has happened this season. This isn't 2009 North Carolina or 2012 Kentucky. Both are quite good but not dominant.

As for the game, it's 50/50 on KenPom and that sounds right. 

The Pick: Kentucky 77 North Carolina 76

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Morning Sweet 16 Musings

- Well, the lack of excitement in late game situations was answered. Zak Showalter's running 3 was amazing. The Gators answer even moreso. One thing I take out it, though, Gators did fail to execute fouling so it wasn't a final minute without some failure. As stunning was the Canyon Berry block of Iverson. Iverson has such incredible hops and attacks the hoop. Don't forget that play when this story is told.

- The Badger senior class "graduates" as one of the greatest of all time. Still, knowing SJW Nigel Hayes will forever be part of NCAA promotional videos watching the game winner warms the heart. Put that in your lawsuit.

- South Carolina's destruction of Baylor was built by men. Those are grown ass men. A bit of caution, Baylor offense was pretty pedestrian at times through the season. They really needed some creators to breakdown South Carolina. The Cocks never had any fear of that. Florida will be a different creature.

- Butler had little chance to beat Carolina without a perfect game. Bad matchup for them. I think they could have beaten any of the other 1-seeds but not the Tar Heels. 

- Kentucky was brilliant last night. Malik Monk and De'Aaron Fox are such fun players. Nothing rattles them. They were calm, cool and collected. Once Kentucky built the lead, the offense they played was beautiful. No rushing shots, driving without a plan or turnovers. They executed beautifully. Not sure how they'll turn out as pros but there's certainly game there to mold.

- Steve Alford says he's out at Indiana. Certainly hope it's not Chris Mack. If it is, Indiana becomes a real problem.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Elite 8 Saturday


Gonzaga vs. Xavier: Zags are a solid 10-point favorite by KenPom in this game. That's pretty remarkable for an Elite 8 game but we know Xavier's numbers are deflated because of what happened late in the regular season.

Trevon Bluiett's play this month has been nothing short of remarkable. Sean O'Mara has really helped them in the paint. And they've gotten production from seemingly someone different throughout the course of every game. It's been a great team effort to complement Bluiett.

On the other side, Gonzaga hasn't looked pretty but are in the Elite 8. They survived a game Northwestern squad playing with house money and the ugliness that is West Virginia basketball.
There's a lot to be said about that. 

Chris Mack has been brilliant since the Big East tournament and like he did agaisnt Arizona, he'll steal some buckets for his squad. Mark Few will do the same. His team while battered and beaten found a way to win the other night. That's a game I'm not sure they win in other years.

The Pick: Gonzaga 72 Xavier 67


Kansas vs. Oregon: Kansas is a 5-point favorite by KenPom in this game. I casually mentioned they reminded me of the Duke 2015 team. That Duke team kept quietly rising up in defensive efficiency to where they were a top 15 team by the end of the year. Kansas won't get there but it's getting good enough the offense can cover it.

Speaking of the offense, it's passed 90 in all 3 tournament games. Oregon did a good job against Michigan the other night but I'm not sure they can match that again. The back court is a distinctive advantage for Kansas.

As game as Purdue was for about 25 minutes, Kansas athleticism overwhelmed Purdue. Oregon won't have that problem. Dorsey, Ennis & Brooks are a terrific trio.

Ultimately, I think Josh Jackson is the difference. He's such a savvy player. Watching him move without the ball and position himself on defense is something else. He's worked hard to develop enough of jump shot that teams better repect it.

The Pick: Kansas 90 Oregon 80

Friday Night Games

North Carolina 75, Butler 68 - Tar Heels own the boards and paint.

Kentucky 88, UCLA 76 - Kentucky's defense holds down the Bruins

South Carolina 61, Baylor - SC scores less in the game than the 2nd half against Duke and still wins

Wisconsin 64, Florida - So I can punish myself at least one more game

Friday morning Sweet 16 musings

- What a job by Chris Mack. Xavier should go to him with a blank check and tell him write your number. After getting killed on othe offensive glass, his team only gave up one over the last 17 minutes. Baskets came in bunches out of timeouts again. His team perfectly executed a 2-for-1 in the final minute. Larri Markkanen got 1 shot in the final 11 minutes, though Allonzo Trier's 13 point run had something to do with that. Trevon Bluiett has been sensational. Sean O'Mara has given them so many good minutes in March, he's been a revelation. Fun run.

- Sean Miller lives another year without a Final Four. Winning in March is hard but I get the pressure he'll be feeling. Is it fair? Hard to say but I bet he'll be sick of hearing about it and when it does happen, he might explode.

- The Kansas evisceration of Purdue happened so fast, it was as if the Death Star became fully operational and Purdue was Alderaan. Not sure what the Boilermakers could have done. Josh Jackson does so many things well and his ability to get in position everywhere on the court is something to watch. Three straight games in the 90's. Fun team.

- Michigan came up short but after being left for the NIT in January by yours truly, it's hard to be disappointed in the grand scheme. Oregon made one more play. Listening to Dan Bonner and Reggie Miller makes you wonder if they watched any Michigan film. They seemed shocked Michigan didn't push more tempo. It's a slow team, gents. I give Oregon a lot of credit. They matched Michigan's patience and didn't get out of sorts like some teams might in a game like that. That was a mature performance by the Ducks in a game played at Michigan's dictation.

- Let's not talk of West Virginia-Gonzaga. Let's thank Gonzaga for not only ending Northwestern but also ending the Mouintaineers season. They should just put that end of game West Virginia possession on a loop for One Shining Moment.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Friday Sweet 16


Butler vs. North Carolina: Carolina is a 4-point KenPom favorite, 7 in the desert. At first blush, I'm not sure how Butler matches up across the floor agaisnt the Tar Heels. Then we realize Butler won't be intimidated and swept Villanova. Nova didn't have nearly the size, though. Butler needs to keep Chrabascz on the floor and effective. I think that's a tall order. Butler doesn't have the tempo or pressure Arkansas did to force Carolina into lost possessions. They'll have to d them up and Butler is 24 spots below the Tar Heels in efficiency. Butler needs Carolina to help them or needs to play as well as the Bulldogs have all year. They keep it close but UNC pulls away late.

The Pick: North Carolina 80 Butler 69

Kentucky vs. UCLA: For many, this is the main event of the Sweet 16. There are some pieces floating around touting the Bruins defense as not really being that inefficient. It's partly true but that's built on a lot of bad teams in the Pac-12. And let's not dismiss Kentucky's offense. It's not exactly chopped liver. I don't have a feel one way or the other. 

The Pick: Kentucky 92 UCLA 88


Baylor vs. South Carolina: South Carolina had offensive explosions versus two awful defensive teams. They are still a putrid offensive team. Baylor is easily the best defensive team the Cocks have seen and they don't have a home court advantage. Baylor is ok on offense. This will be the slowest game of the first round and I think that helps keep South Carolina in it. Baylor is just better and wins.

The Pick: Baylor 60 South Carolina 54

Wisconsin vs. Florida: I dismissed both teams as making the Sweet 16, yet both are here. Florida quietly gets it done. They don't wow you with the numbers ever being third overall in KenPom but everything is very effective and efficient. Look at their four factors and miscellaneous components on KenPom and its all good or great. I missed the boat on them. Wisconsin nearly matches them but have more concern areas. Does experience matter? If it does, that'll be a huge advantage for Bucky. Still, Florida is putting a team on the court that has also played together a lot the last two years. Since life is pain...

The Pick: Wisconsin 62 Florida 61

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Thursday Picks - No Analysis

Gonzaga 78, West Virginia 71
Michigan 66, Oregon 65
Arizona 75, Xavier 70
Purdue 68, Kansas 65

Book it.

Sweet 16 Thursday

Midwest Region

Michigan vs. Oregon:  Oregon is a 1-point KenPom favorite with a 52% probability and Vegas likes Michigan by one. In other words, a toss-up. Oregon is a slightly more balanced team. Michigan has a better offense by 13 spots on KenPom, but Oregon beats them by 48 on defense. 

This is one of those games we look at and say "momentum". Michigan played well through February and after the run through the Big 14 Tournament and the opening weekend, they appear to have all the "momentum". 

Momentum is one of those things numbers people hate. They simply don't believe in it. I don't dismiss it, though. I've seen too many weird things in my life, whether it be a streaking team or sudden change in a single game. Is it real? I can't say for sure but there's at least something to it. I also know it can end abruptly if it is real. 

After that aside, this should be a close game. I think Oregon has slightly more talent.  

The Pick: Oregon 71 Michigan 70

Kansas vs. Purdue

What a great matchup this is, too. Kansas is a 3-point KenPom favorite. They're more dynamic on offense but I like what Purdue did on the opening weekend. I think the key is whether Landen Lucas can stay on the court against Purdue's bigs. This is a home game for Kansas. 

The Pick: Kansas 75 Purdue 73


Gonzaga vs. West Virginia: By the numbers, this is the best of the Sweet 16 matchups. KenPom likes the Zags by 4. The advantage is the Zags number 1 defense against West Virginia's number 25 offense. The Mountaineees are more efficient on offense. 

West Virginia thrives on its pressure. The Zags were the 16th best team at protecting the ball. The Mountaineers were one of the best offensive rebounding teams in the nation, the Zags one of the best at preventing them.

Do the Zags have enough basketball speed to match West Virginia? If they do, they win.

The Pick: Gonzaga 81 West Virginia 75

Arizona vs. Xavier: A rematch from two seasons ago, Sean Miller takes on his former team one more time. Given the love affair the national media seems to have with this Arizona squad, it's not that big a stretch for Xavier to steal this one.

At KenPom, Zona is a 4-point favorite. That's not huge but big enough Zona has a 65% win probability. Zona is 19th overall, X is 30th. Basically, I'm looking for a reason to pick Xavier but we need to take a step back before saying they've figured things out after a late-season fade.

They notched late wins against DePaul and then beat Butler in the BE Tournament. They beat an overseeded Maryland team (It's about matchups!) and them trounced a Florida State team that was 24th in KenPom at the time, closer to a 7-seed than 3. I'm not dismissing what Xavier has done. They've jumped ten spots in KP in a week.  

Chris Mack is the best coach in America no one talks about. He's the best guy for Indiana, though I hope he stays in Cincinnati. He'll have his team ready and some plays out of timeouts that steal baskets. I just don't think they have enough dudes to beat Arizona. 

The Pick: Arizona 69 Xavier 62

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Myth of Conferences

Former local buffoon and now buffoon on a team circling the toilet in the NBA, Frank Kaminsky seemed vindicated when 3 Big 14 teams made the Sweet 16. 

Then, by the end of the night, 3 SEC, 3 Pac-12 and 3 Big XII teams were in the Sweet 16. Shoulders shrugged.

You'd think with the mountains of evidence to the contrary, people would understand conference strength isn't determined in a single-elimination tournament. Sadly, people are very stupid  or provincial. 

Leagues like the Big 14 and SEC have become so bloated, without truly great teams, the bottom feeders drag them down. We've discussed here what "ailed" the Big 14 this season. Good teams, no great teams. The SEC have two really good teams, maybe championship winning teams and a whole lot of mediocrity. South Carolina making the Sweet 16 doesn't change that.

The real issue is the ACC was pushed hard by many as the best conference ever. We looked at that and showed it was really good but didn't match the 2011 Big East. It was still a great league this season. We also hammered home the point all the teams had flaws. Virginia and Lousiville on offense, Duke on defense. On any given day or night, that can get exposed.

With that all said, the Big 14 could use a national championship as could the Pac-12 as each league is 17 and 20 years respectively removed from national titles. That would be important but wouldn't change what a league was all year. Both things can be true if not understood.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Reseeding the Sweet 16

I guess this what the cool kids are doing now. Having done in the past, I'll consider myself a trendsetter or ignorant of the world around me. Both are possible.

I do it pretty simply, by KenPom. So, this is raw data with a few opinions sprinkled in.

1. Gonzaga (1st, 12th O, 1 D): No matter what happens, Gonzaga ending the national nightmare that was Northwestern makes them champions in my book.

2. Florida (3rd, 26th O, 3rd D): This still staggers me. Playing Virginia in its last game certainly helps. Since January 18, Florida has three losses to Vandy by a total of 14 points and two other losses to UK and South Carolina. I completely undervalued them.

3. North Carolina (4th, 6th O, 19th D): That's a Final 4 profile. Still, watching them leaves you with as many questions as answers.

4. Kentucky (5th, 13th O, 7th D): This is Calipari's best coaching job. Don't at me.

5. West Virginia (6th, 25th O, 5th D): Basically, they did everything you expect in a West Virginia loss and beat Notre Dame by 12. Matchup with Zags is an Elite 8 game.

6. Kansas (7th, 5th O, 25th D): Might be worth a closer look but remind me of Duke in 2015. Offense isn't as good but defense is good enough. Adjusting for rules changes, it's close.

7. Baylor (10th, 20th O, 13th D): No one expected this team to actually make it this far. Long and athletic, more like Scott Drew's earliest Baylor teams.

8. Purdue (12th, 23rd O, 16th D): Getting contributions outside the Twin Towers. Game against Kansas is second best Sweet 16 matchup.

9. UCLA (14th, 2nd O, 77th D): One of the best wins in Round Two. Not the upset like others but Cincinnati was the exact type of team expected to challenge  UCLA.

10. Oregon (15th, 16th O, 23rd D): Dana Altman has done great work in Eugene. Was sort of an afterthought hire after the Ducks swung and missed on big names. They miss Boucher but isn't as important against Michigan.

11. Arizona (18th, 17th O, 24th D): Eh

12. Michigan (20th, 3rd O, 73rd D): Enjoying every moment of this incredible run. Smells so much like '89. Defense remains a crucial point of concern. Louisville is bad on defense.

13. Wisconsin (21st, 36th O, 8th D): Koenig has been an assassin and Hayes finally woke up. But 7-16 at the line does you in sooner than later. Same with nearly doubling the opponents turnovers. 

14. Butler (24th, 21st O, 43rd D): Terrible matchup against UNC. Pundits liked more than computers. Good season, though proving they still can make runs.

15. South Carolina (28th, 124th O, 4th D): Proving me wrong for this year at least. No offense this bad should still be playing. Of course, says more about Duke's defense. Duke's season is defined by the 65 they gave up in the 2nd half. Just staggering.

16. Xavier (30th, 29th O, 66th D): Chris Mack is going to get a fat raise either in Cincinnati or from one of the blue bloods. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Virginia Basketball

A pile of atrocious garbage.  Kiss my ass.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Day One Thoughts

1. That was boring unless your team won in which case it was probably great. For observers with only hate versus a real rooting interest, yesterday wasn't a classic.

2. The Northwestern story has gotten out of hand. We get it. They sucked for 75 years and now they don't. Heartwarming a program in a power league that prints money never found a way in. Real Cinderella story. If William & Mary does the same with limited resources, I'm sure the media will ram that story down our throats.

3. You know why you should think Chris Mack is a good coach? Watch his plays out of a timeout. 95% of teams are clueless out of stoppage plays. Not Xavier.

4. The two overseeded Big 14 teams lost. Not upsets.

5. Purdue is a fun team. Non-bigs played well yesterday.

6. Is there anything better than late half or game basketball in college? Dribble, desperation 3, repeat.

7. We should mention Indiana. I'm surprised people actually think it won't be Steve Alford. His relationship with UCLA isn't exactly tight and if he left for home, where's the anger? I suppose it can be Archie Miller but color me shocked if it isn't Alford. Dan Dakich immediately went to Twitter and basically said not another outsider. That pretty much sealed it for me.

8. FSU had maybe the best win yesterday. A 3 over a 14 isn't usually the case but FGCU had a lot of believers. They're a difficult team to prepare for in a one-and-done setting. They had the added cache of beating a bigger in-state opponent while playing in state. Imagine UWGB getting Marquette or Wisconsin in the tourney. All the pressure is on the bigger schools. Could propel FSU forward.

9. Buzz Williams returns to the "dead to me" category.

10. Let's do it again but maybe with better basketball and with some drama that doesn't include gratuitous crowd shots of celebrity parents.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Another Bracket Projection

East Bracket:
Winner - Duke - yes, I know, shocking.  I would have gone with Villanova with any other #2 but I love how this team is coming together.  The smartest move was putting Grayson Allen at the 6 man and use his offense when they were lacking it in bursts.  Nova-Duke should be epic but I look for Tatum and Jefferson to own the inside with Giles starting to show signs of life.

Upset Pick - I wanted to take UNC-Wilmington but Virginia will probably dictate pace, ruin the game, and cause me to drink a ton.  I have East Tennessee State in the Sweet 16 after upsetting Florida and Virginia

Upset Everybody Likes That Won't Happen - I already spoke about UNC-Wilmington so I'm going with SMU.  Solid KenPom numbers but too much talk about them not only beating Baylor but Duke as well.  I have them in the Sweet 16 now but am considering pulling them out.

West Bracket:
Winner - Gonzaga - I'm with Kurly, been on them all year as well.  It greatly helps that everybody at ESPN and CBS Sports is off them.  They look good, play good, and their numbers are solid.  I didn't pick them at 4:45pm on Sunday during the bracket show but I did now

Upset Pick - Meh, Xavier.  I know they are an 11 seed but Maryland is limping in and over-seeded.  I considered Florida Gulf Coast but too many people are on them

Upset Everybody Likes That Won't Happen - I already mentioned FGCU.  I'm now picking Florida State.  The other huge one is Arizona in the Final Four.  KenPom numbers are average and everybody who gets a paycheck from ESPN is taking them.  Count me out.

South Bracket:
Winner - Kentucky.  My original bracket had UCLA but there's no way that defense doesn't cost them in the tournament.  My next one had North Carolina but Roy will coach his way out of the game.  Next up is Kentucky and I'm not 100% on them either.  Too many close calls, bad starts, and average games lately.  They've one them all but these are not mid-level SEC teams anymore.  I could see Wichita State winning in the second round.  I'm not picking them but it wouldn't surprise me.

Upset Pick - Middle Tennessee State.  Just like everybody else. True story, I had Wisconsin and Minnesota as 6 seeds at 4:15 on Sunday and needed to drop one to make room for my 7 seeded Michigan who I was moving up after winning the Big 10 Tournament.  I asked Kurly for advice and he pointed out the numbers and the fact that Wisconsin beat Minnesota twice.  So Minnesota dropped.  I felt like I butchered that but in truth the committee just over seeded the Gophers.

Upset Everybody Likes That Won't Happen - West Bracket:
Winner - Gonzaga - I'm with Kurly, been on them all year as well.  It greatly helps that everybody at ESPN and CBS Sports is off them.  They look good, play good, and their numbers are solid.  I didn't pick them at 4:45pm on Sunday during the bracket show but I did now

Upset Pick - Meh, Xavier.  I know they are an 11 seed but Maryland is limping in and over-seeded.  I considered Florida Gulf Coast but too many people are on them

Upset Everybody Likes That Won't Happen - Not much here.  Everybody is in love with the top 3 seeds.  I haven't seen anybody take Dayton over Wichita which would qualify.  However, the Shockers are so under seeded I can't take the Flyers.  Middle Tennessee qualifies as well.

Midwest Bracket:
Winner - *Iowa State* - I starred it because I haven't locked this one in.  Kansas is the favorite but Bill Self never does well in this spot and their defense disappears at times.  Louisville has better defense but fell apart against a below average Duke zone that forced them to score from outside...which they struggle to do.  Oregon isn't whole but Brooks could carry them.  Purdue is from the Big 10 so they are out.  Iowa State has what you need.  Great coach, upper-classman, finishing hot.  Defense is iffy but trending upwards

Upset Pick - Rhode Island.  Its taken a long time but they are finally here.  Creighton is ripe or the upset.

Upset Everybody Likes That Won't Happen - Nevada.  Everybody loves the 12-5 upset but it only happens half the time.  This one isn't it.

Stone Cold Final Four and Upset Locks

By stone cold locks I mean terrible picks you should avoid at all costs.


Winner: Villanova - Duke will be the trendy pick after winning the ACC title. Let's not forget they were losing in the second half of their last three games in Brooklyn. It took Roy Williams stupidly benching Joel Berry for too long to let Duke pull away in that game. They also benefitted playing an offensively challenged Louisville team. All that said, these two teams will match up at the Garden in the regional final.

Upsets: Everyone is picking SMU over Baylor in the round of 32. That should scare you. I'd love to pick UNC-Wilmington over Virginia but that's a bad matchup for UNCW. Have little doubt ETSU can beat Florida. 10/7 & 9/8 aren't upsets.


Winner: Gonzaga- I jumped on the Zags bandwagon well before it was cool. Arizona is a popular pick but remember they're 20th in offensive efficiency and 31st in defensive efficiency. They're also overseeded. They just have an easy path to the regional final. 

Upsets: Bucknell can beat West Virginia and Princeton can beat Notre Dame. FGCU has been a trendy pick over FSU. Game is in Orlando so it should be intense. Xavier over Maryland is one that I have because I think X's guards can harass Melo Trimble enough. 

Bracket Gripe: VCU plays St. Mary's. Funny how that happened.


Winner: Kansas - I dubbed this the chaos region on Sunday and stand by that. All top 4 seeds have issues. Kansas has found itself trailing too often this season. Louisville was a defensive juggernaught through January but has fallen off considerably and the offense is capable of being awful. Oregon is missing Chris Boucher. Purdue has the twin towers inside but do you trust this team? Kansas by default.

Upsets: They can happen everywhere here. The Michigan/OkState winner can beat Louisville. Vermont can take Purdue. Nevada can take Iowa State. Creighton-Rhode Island winner can make the Sweet 16.

Warning: Michigan became a media darling after last week's plane accident and run through the Big 14. I'm a John Beilein apologist but these runs don't mean much to me. Marquette in '97 won 4 games in Conference USA and was a 7 against Providence and got run out the gym. Similar thing happened to Syracuse in 2005. The counterpoint is UConn in 2011 and that was 5 games.

This game is one of the most fascinating of the opening round. Both are top 10 offenses with iffy defenses. Michigan is 69th in defense and OK State is 131st. That's a big advantage to Michigan. Michigan's d was in the 150's at one point so they have improved greatly. It's basically a pick'em.


Winner: Kentucky - Carolina and Kentucky are 3 and 4 in KenPom. If they meet, it'll basically be a pick 'em. It's a Final 4 game. I'm taking Kentucky because Cal won't do anything as dumb as Roy might. UCLA still doesn't play defense. They might LMU themselves deep but can they win on a night where shots aren't falling? No, they can't.

Upsets: Wichita State can totally beat Kentucky but won't. Middle Tennessee will beat Minnesota. What's the percentage of people picking the Blue Raiders? I bet it's north of 70%. Winthrop can also take out Butler. Butler is weird. Good enough to beat anyone but capable of losing head scratchers. Cincinnati would be a matchup problem for UCLA.

Bracket Gripe: The Wichita State thing really bothers me. First, the committee talking about using metrics other than RPI are a blatant lie. Secondly, they matched them up against Dayton. The four at-large mid-majors meet in the opening round. The system is rigged. Thirdly, even with talk of Wichita State joining the American, this should push Gregg Marshall out the door to a bigger job. He does have a full roster returning next year so that'll make the decision hard but it's obvious as long as he's in the Valley, he'll have to be damn near perfect to get a fair shake.

Local Picks:

Wisconsin over Virginia Tech- The Hokies are okay but about 20 spots behind the Badgers. This is more a 6-11 matchup. Would be a pretty big upset for VaTech to win. They won't get past Villanova. They can win that game but Nova plays as slow so pace won't bother them. 3-pt. defense is considered a matter of luck and maybe a good chunk of it is but teams shoot nearly 38% against Bucky. That's right at Nova's number and Nova defends the 3 quite well.

Marquette over South Carolina- There's been a lot of hand-wringing by some Marquette fans about this game. I get it. It's a de facto road game. Marquette is bad on defense but South Carolina is awful on offense. It'll come down to whether Marquette makes 3's.  The Cocks defend the arc quite well. They haven't seen a team like Marquette, though. One other note, Marquette can't stop the pick and roll. SC is bad at running that. Feel weirdly confident about this one so that's probably bad for the Warriors.

They have a chance against Duke if Duke gets food poisoning 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Re-seeding the Midwest

I love this region. This is probably the 2nd best and could still be the most unpredictable. There are a lot of potential upsets and just as good a chance at chalk. Should be fun.

1. Louisville (6)
2. Kansas (10)
3. Purdue (15)
4. Oregon (16)
5. Iowa State (17)
6. Michigan (21)
7. Oklahoma State (24)
8. Creighton (27)
9. Miami (32)
10. Rhode Island (37)
11. Michigan State (43)

This is good balance. Oklahoma State-Michigan will be a great 10-7 game. The Cowboys play at a fast pace, Michigan at a glacial pace. Both are very efficient on offense and weak on defense. Michigan State is not a 9. A lot of people will tell you Kansas won't be happy to see them. Kansas won't care. Every seed from 13 down can win the opening round game.

Early Pick: Kansas

Re-seeding the South

The South top 3 is easily the best top 3 seeds of any region. And then we have probably the best 10-seed ever in Wichita State. The committee hates mid-majors. There's no way around it. Sticking them against Dayton is the final f-you.

1. UNC
2. Kentucky (4)
3. Wichita State (8)
4. UCLA (18)
5. Cincinnati (22)
6. Butler (26)
7. Kansas State (29)
8. Wake Forest (30)
9. Minnesota (33)
10. Dayton (36)
11. Arkansas (38)

This region has the weakest 8-9 matchup in Arkansas-Seton Hall. UNC should go ahead and book that Sweet 16. And I love Seton Hall but UNC matches their size advantages. Wichita State got hosed and if I'm Gregg Marshall, that's the straw that broke the camels back. I expect him to move on this year. UCLA will be a trendy pick but the defense is still a concern. 

Now, let's talk Minnesota. I like the Gophers roster and they're a team on the rise. What they aren't is a 5-seed. In any world. It makes me sick to agree with Badger fans but the committee has no good explanation for this. Middle Tennessee should be licking their chops.

Early Pick: Kentucky

Re-seed the West

This is the weakest region by far with 2 teams stumbling into the tournament on the 3 and 4 line. 

1. Gonzaga 
2. West Virginia (5)
3. St. Mary's (14)
4. Florida State (19)
5. Arizona (20)
6. Notre Dame (25)
7. Vanderbilt (34)
8. Northwestern (39)
9. Xavier (40)
10. Maryland (45)

What jumps out to me is the 6-11 game between Maryland and Xavier. Xavier is higher in KenPom. Maryland shouldn't be a 6-seed in any region. Arizona got to the 2-seed but tread lightly. They're 20th in AdjustedO and 28th in AdjustedD. Florida State and West Virginia are ripe for the upset. 

Early Pick: Gonzaga

Re-seeding the East

Let's begin by saying the East is stacked. 6 of the top 13 KenPom teams are in this region. Things settle after that but this is one of the toughest regions I can remember.

1. Villanova (1)
2. Virginia (7)
3. Florida (9)
4. SMU (11)
5. Duke (12)
6. Baylor (13)
7. Wisconsin (23)
8. Marquette (28)
9. South Carolina (31)
10. Virginia Tech (44)

The top seed-lines are all mixed up by the committee, a common theme in all four regions. Baylor and Florida are ripe for the picking and Virginia will have its hands full with UNCW. Still, this region is loaded.

Egregiousness reigns in the middle as well. SMU is as tough a 6-seed you can imagine. Wisconsin was punished for something I can't quite figure out. South Carolina as a 7-seed with a game in Greenville is ridiculous. Still, they stink.

Duke-Villanova would be a classic at the Garden.

Early Pick: Villanova

Bracketology - FINAL

1 seed vs 16 seed
Villanova (Beast) vs S.Dakota St(Summit)/NCCU(MEAC)
Gonzaga (WCC) vs New Orleans (Sland)/Mt.St.Mary(NEC)
Kansas vs Troy (Sbelt)
North Carolina vs Jacksonville St (OVC)
2 seed vs 15 seed
Kentucky (SEC) vs UC-Davis(Bwest)
Arizona (P12) vs N.Dakota (Bsky)
Duke (ACC) vs Texas Southern (SWAC)
Baylor vs Kent State (MAC)
3 seed vs 14 seed
Louisville vs N.Kentucky (Horizon)
Oregon vs New Mexico St (WAC)
UCLA vs Florida Gulf Coast (Asun)
Florida State vs Iona (MAAC)
4 seed vs 13 seed
Butler vs Winthrop(Bsouth)
Notre Dame vs ETSU (SoCon)
West Virginia vs Bucknell (Pat)
Florida vs Princeton (Ivy)
5 seed vs 12 seed
CincinnatI vs Vermont (Aeast)
Purdue vs Nevada (Mwest)
Virginia vs UNC-Wilmington (Col)
SMU (AAC) vs Kansas State/USC
6 seed vs 11 seed
St. Mary's vs Marquette/Wake Forest
Michigan (B14) vs Middle Tenn St (C-USA)
Wisconsin  vs Rhode Island (A10)
Iowa State (B12) vs Xavier
7 seed vs 10 seed
Creighton vs Vanderbilt
Minnesota vs Seton Hall
Maryland vs Wichita State (Mvalley)
Miami vs Providence
8 seed vs 9 seed
Oklahoma State vs Michigan State
Northwestern vs Virginia Tech
South Carolina vs Dayton
Arkansas vs VCU
First Four Out
Illinois State
Next Four Out
Also Considered

Sunday Morning Quick Hits

Not much change in the bracket yesterday.  Most Bubble team are already done playing and the handful of upsets in the conference tournament basically sent teams to the 16 seed line and moved everybody up a line or two.  Basically the bottom became weaker.

The biggest questions left are the following:

Where should Duke be seeded?  I've seen them as a 1 or 2.  I believe they should be a 2.  A great run in the ACC Tournament was great but it doesn't take away the 8 losses and the entire body of work.

Who are the 1 seeds?  Kansas and Villanova seem safe.  I think Gonzaga should be safe as if they were 33-0 there wouldn't be a question but suddenly 32-1 means a 2 seed?  The last spot seems to be between UNC and possibly Arizona or Duke.  Yes, Duke beat UNC 2 out of 3 times but until the ACC tournament UNC was a 1 and Duke a 3.  I don't see them swiching.  Arizona looks solid but their resume doesn't stack well against either ACC team.  Arizona should be the #2 seed in the West with Gonzaga being the #1

Can Rhode Island make it if they lose today?  The big one.  Currently they are up 10 right now but if they lose can they hang on to the spot?  They have a great NCSOS and 7 top 100 wins.  I think they are in at this point.

Who is going to be left out.  Damn, I hope it's Syracuse.  Jim Boeheim is whiner.

KenPom on Selection Sunday Morning

Here are the teams with top 20 efficient defenses and offenses:

1. Gonzaga (10,2)
2. Villanova (2,11)
4. Kentucky (14,15)
9. Wichita State (12,19)

Other teams with top 10 offenses:

1. Oklahoma State (130th defense)
3. UCLA (78th defense)
4. UNC (25th defense)
5. Michigan (75th defense)
6. Duke (39th defense)
7. Marquette (153rd defense)
8. Wake Forest (160th defense)
9. Kansas (30th defense)

Top ten offenses are more likely to have success with okay defenses in the next three weeks.

Top 10 defensive teams

1. Virginia (39th offense)
3. South Carolina (149th offense)
4. Florida (31st offense)
5. West Virginia (28th offense)
6. Louisville (23rd offense)
7. Georgia Tech (269th offense )
8. Wisconsin (37th offense)
9. Cincinnati (34th offense)
10. Alabama (152nd offense)

All tournament teams on the offensive side, not so on defense. I spy teams ripe to be upset on the defensive side, too (Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Louisville).

It's about offense and putting the ball through the basketball ring

Saturday, March 11, 2017

What are You Doing, Nerds? Ivy League Tourney

Did you know the Ivy League has a tournament? You do now. Only the top 4 teams are in it. It's played at the Palestra which is wildly awesome until you realize that's the home court of 4-seed Penn.

The beneficiary of that anomaly is Princeton who is rewarded a road game after going undefeated in the Ivy regular season. That's less than ideal. That said, Penn wasn't any good, going 6-8 in league play. Princeton should win but still.

The other semifinal is Yale and Harvard in a series that dates back to the 1300's, I think. 

The Final Pick: Princeton

Saturday Brackets

1 seed vs 16 seed
Villanova (Beast) vs Mt.St.Mary(NEC)/N.Orleams(Sland)
Gonzaga (WCC) vs NCCU(MEAC)/N.Dakota (Bsky)
Kansas vs S.Dakota St(Summit)
North Carolina vs Jacksonville St (OVC)
2 seed vs 15 seed
Oregon (P12) vs UC-Irvine(Bwest)
Kentucky (SEC) vs N.Kentucky (Horizon)
Arizona vs Texas Southern (SWAC)
Duke vs Cal-Bakersfield (WAC)
3 seed vs 14 seed
Louisville vs Iona (MAAC)
Baylor vs Florida Gulf Coast (Asun)
UCLA vs Winthrop(Bsouth)
West Virginia (B12) vs Bucknell (Pat)
4 seed vs 13 seed
Florida State vs ETSU (SoCon)
Butler vs Akron (MAC)
CincinnatI vs Princeton (Ivy)
Notre Dame (ACC) vs Vermont (Aeast)
5 seed vs 12 seed
Florida vs Nevada (Mwest)
Purdue vs UT-Arlington (Sbelt)
Virginia vs UNC-Wilmington (Col)
SMU (AAC) vs Kansas State/Rhode Island
6 seed vs 11 seed
St. Mary's vs USC/Marquette
Wisconsin (B14) vs Providence
Minnesota vs Vanderbilt
Iowa State vs Wake Forest
7 seed vs 10 seed
Creighton vs Xavier
Maryland vs Seton Hall
Oklahoma State vs Wichita State (Mvalley)
Michigan vs Middle Tenn St (C-USA)
8 seed vs 9 seed
Northwestern vs Michigan State
Miami vs Virginia Tech
South Carolina vs Dayton
VCU(A10) vs Arkansas
First Four Out
Illinois State
Next Four Out
Also Considered


By my calculations there are three spots left and 6 teams worth considering.  I've moved Wake, Vanderbilt, Providence, and Marquette to lock status. That leaves 3 open spots with these 6 teams still up in the air.

Rhode Island
Kansas State
Illinois State

USC seems to be the most likely in of these 6 I'm just a little hesitant to lock them up.  2-6 against the top 50 and a NCSOS of over 150 gives me pause.  Rhode Island still had an opportunity to build it's resume and can still get an auto bid.  They have at least a strong SOS and 7 top 100 wins.
The last spot is even more up in the air.  I have Kansas State in with Syracuse, Illinois State and California out, in that order.  All have strong flaws.
Kansas St has a NCSOS of 227 and 13 losses
Syracuse has 14 losses and would break a record with the highest RPI ever to get an at-large at 85
Illinois State only has 2 top 100 wins.  Only 1 team has ever done that and got an at-large.
California was 1-8 against the top 50.

Bids Tonight

14 auto-bids go out tonight with 6 more on Sunday.  As for today's slate there aren't many with at-large bids on the line.

AE - Vermont vs Albany - Albany will be a tough out for somebody but doesn't have the profile for an at-large
MEAC - NCCU vs Norfolk St - 16 seed city baby
Big East - Villanova vs Creighton - Villanova has a 1 seed locked in.  Creighton is right at that 6/7 break
Big 12 - West Virginia vs Iowa State - Iowa State is a 6 currently and probably will stay there win or lose.  I may be the only bracketologist with UWV already on the 3 line. Computer numbers aren't good.  The anti-Florida
Mountain West - Nevada vs Colorado St - Nevada has 9 top 100 wins but none in the top 50.  Not really a case here for an at-large should they need it
MAC - Akron vs Kent State - Kent just beat Akron, Akron was on a roll until the last two weeks of the season.
SWAC - Texas Southern vs Alcorn State - Texas Southern just might be a 15 instead of a 16 this year. Playing a brutal out of conference schedule always helps the profile
C-USA - Middle Tennessee State vs Marhsall - Not an easy game for MTST.  They are my highest ranking Mid-Major.  An at-large is possible since they do have 4 top 100 wins, including 2 top 50.  SOS is over 150 and this would be their 5th loss.
Big Sky - North Dakota vs Weber State - Play In Game
ACC - Notre Dame vs Duke - Duke is a 3 possibly a 2 already.  Notre Dame was a 5 yesterday, probably a 4 now.  Is a 3 possible with a win today?
Southland - New Orleans vs Texas A&M-CC - Winner probably plays the Big Sky Winner on Tuesday
Pac12 - Oregon vs Arizona - game of the day.  Can the winner leap North Carolina for the last #1?  Oregon has a slightly better profile than Arizona
WAC - Cal St-Bakersfield vs New Mexico State - The 1 vs the 2 seed.  Probably on the 15 seed line no matter what
Big West - Irvine vs Davis - See WAC above

Saturday Morning Notes

Friday Night Results
Duke beats Carolina yesterday which presents a couple questions.
Is North Carolina still a #1?  -Yes but the winner of Oregon vs Arizona may make a case for it tomorrow
Can Duke grab a #2? -Yes and with UCLA losing they may have it already

Florida lost for a 3rd time to Vanderbilt and their resume is solely built by computers.  This is a 4/5 ripe for an Princeton/Vermont upset

Can the Big 10 get a 4 seed now that Purdue lost?  No, the question at this point should be whether the big 10 can even get a 5 seed now

Does anybody besides Vanderbilt want to get into this tournament?  Of the last 3 in and 8 bubble teams (excluding Illinois State and Syracuse who are done playing) these teams went a combined 2-7 yesterday.  Only Vandy and Rhode Island won

More notes and a new bracket on the way.

Conference Tournament Thoughts

AAC: The honeymoon for Tubby Smith ended fast in Memphis. Two blowouts to end the year won't sit well. Plenty of seats available in Hartford.

ACC: Duke-Carolina III was amazing. Carolina looked effortless in jumping to a 61-48 lead. Joel Berry picked up his 4th and Roy Williams sat him. Duke took advantage and shot Carolina out of the gym. Big minutes and moments from Harry Giles ought to scare other teams. This was a regional final on steroids.

Big East: Great theater in the Garden last night. Villanova and Seton Hall played a rock fight in the first game but Josh Hart put Nova on his shoulders over the final minutes to win the game and survive. Not aesthetically pleasing but a good type of win for Nova. Creighton and Xavier put on a game you'd think you'd see from the 2 and 3 seeds, not the 6 and 7. Creighton survived but Xavier solidified a tourney spot.

Big XII: West Virginia beat Kansas State in a game no one should ever discuss.

Big 14: Michigan continued their remarkable week with an overtime win over Purdue. Have to imagine fatigue catches up to them. Michigan State and Izzo is Early Exits lost to Minnesota and that's neat. Northwestern isn't just a story, it's a good team that beat the home crowd favorite and lead to saw teeth gnashing about Mark Turgeon. Speaking of which, we enter the dance between Tom Crean and Indiana. A fan verbally accosted him after the game and it was caught on tape. Bad look for Indiana fan. Crean's pride probably keeps him in Bloomington but he should move on. It'll get uglier sooner than later.

A-10: With Dayton's loss, the A-10 has a chance at thieving a bid. Unless VCU wins and VCU is quite beatable. The opportunity is there for Rhode Island.

Conference USA: Middle Tennessee had a quietly nice win over a hot UTEP team yesterday. They get Marshall today. Marshall loves to push pace. Even as a 6-seed, Marshall will pose a hefty challenge for Middle Tennessee.

SEC: Vandy probably sealed a bid last night. More importantly to me, I think it exposes Florida as a computer fraud. The numbers love them but they don't pass the eye test. Good team but not a legit contender. South Carolina is not good. They want to play ugly and they play ugly. It's terrible basketball.

Pac-12: All 3 of the big 3 in the league could run to the Final 4. All 3 could go bust by next Sunday night. Out of all the games today, though, this is the one I'm most looking forward to.

Have to say, yesterday is the most underrated day on the hoops schedule. Enough day action to get the juices flowing and then action all over the place in the evening. Let's do it again

Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Early Bracket

1 seed vs 16 seed
Villanova (Beast) vs Mt.St.Mary(NEC)/N.Orleams(Sland)
Gonzaga (WCC) vs NCCU(MEAC)/N.Dakota (Bsky)
Kansas vs S.Dakota St(Summit)
North Carolina (ACC) vs Jacksonville St (OVC)
2 seed vs 15 seed
Oregon (P12) vs UC-Irvine(Bwest)
UCLA vs N.Kentucky (Horizon)
Kentucky (SEC) vs Texas Southern (SWAC)
Arizona vs Cal-Bakersfield (WAC)
3 seed vs 14 seed
Louisville vs Iona (MAAC)
Baylor vs Florida Gulf Coast (Asun)
Florida State vs Winthrop(Bsouth)
West Virginia (B12) vs Bucknell (Pat)
4 seed vs 13 seed
Duke vs ETSU (SoCon)
Florida vs Akron (MAC)
Butler vs Princeton (Ivy)
CincinnatI vs Vermont (Aeast)
5 seed vs 12 seed
Purdue (B14) vs Nevada (Mwest)
Notre Dame vs UT-Arlington (Sbelt)
Virginia vs UNC-Wilmington (Col)
SMU (AAC) vs Kansas State/Vanderbilt
6 seed vs 11 seed
St. Mary's vs Rhode Island/Marquette
Wisconsin vs Wake Forest
Minnesota vs Providence
Iowa State vs USC
7 seed vs 10 seed
Maryland vs Xavier
Creighton vs Seton Hall
Oklahoma State vs Wichita State (Mvalley)
Dayton (A10) vs Middle Tenn St (C-USA)
8 seed vs 9 seed
Miami vs Arkansas
South Carolina vs Michigan State
Michigan vs Virginia Tech
Northwestern vs VCU
First Four Out
Illinois State
Next Four Out
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