Thursday, April 26, 2012

PHX fan says goodbye to Nash

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bo knows transfers

Last week, Bo Ryan and his staff found out Jarrod Uthoff of Iowa and another of many highly touted freshmen who have come to Madison to redshirt, wanted to *gasp*, leave the program and transfer.

As is typical in these instances, UW blocked Uthoff from transferring in conference and to Marquette. Nothing unusual. Evan Smotczrk left Michigan and they did the same. The real issue that came from this was Bo also blocked Iowa State and all ACC schools. Uthoff is from Iowa, so Bo effectiely eliminated all Iowa schools since UNI has no scholarships available. Bo is blocking the ACC because he may go to a school they play in the made-for-TV challenge.

Tony Bennett of Virginia was said to be interested. Some in Wisconsin said its because Bo recruits against the ACC. You may remember the recruits he's stolen from Duke and UNC that have flourished under him.

He's getting skewered by the people that matter in the press though the locals of course are aghast their precious home school is in the national media crosshairs. They defend bringing Ben Brust in even though Uncle Barry helped get a waiver for him since he had committed to Iowa. Huh.

Here's to you, Bo. Dick of the week

Speaking of transfers, Marquette is said to be after ASU combo guard Trent Lockett who has one year of eligibility left.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ranking the top champions of the 2000s

Off the top of my head with little thought:

1. 2007 Florida
2. 2001 Duke
3. 2012 Kentucky
4. 2004 UConn
5. 2005 UNC
6. 2009 UNC
7. 2000 MSU
8. 2003 Syracuse
9. 2002 Maryland
10. 2008 Kansas
11. 2006 Florida
12. 2010 Duke
13. 2011 UConn

Monday, April 2, 2012

One Shining Moment

How are they ever going to fit all of the buzzer beaters in?

Oh - wait.

One last pick sure to be wrong for 2012

Kentucky 75 Kansas 67

Calipari gets his first title. Moralists be damned. If Kentucky wins, we can discuss where this team belongs in the pantheon of the best. They'll belong.