Monday, March 18, 2019

South Region

1. Virginia (1)
2. Tennessee (8)
3. Purdue (10)
4. Wisconsin (12)
5. Kansas State (23)
6. Villanova (26)
7. St. Mary’s (31)
8. Cincinnati (32)
9. Iowa (36)
10. Oklahoma (38)
11. Oregon (43)
12. Ole Miss (44)

After some thought, I’ve decided this is the weakest region. It’ll be inexcusable for Virginia not to at least make the Regional Final. Your biggest seeding issue is St. Mary’s as an 11. In this region, they’d be a 7 and probably what their true line is. Tough matchup for Nova, but St. Mary’s has to travel across the country. 

Oregon is a popular pick over Wisconsin. I don’t see it. Both play slow and a game in the 40’s we’d all mock is definitely in play. Really, Wisconsin should make the Sweet 16 where they might get Virginia in another game to make your eyes bleed. Lot of people commenting on Cincinnati plying in Columbus. Tennessee fans will still more abundant. Non-issue. Think Virginia has to breakthrough and the bracket is set up for them but Tennessee is a veteran squad that won’t be afraid to play ugly. They’re my pick

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