Monday, March 11, 2019

Monday Morning Update

A bracket will be out in the next hour or so.  It’s not looking good for Lipscomb, Belmont, or Furman.  I currently have one of them in but as the week goes and the numbers get poured over (and the Big5 conferences have more games against Quad 1 and Quad 2) I think they all slip out while 19-15 Indiana gets in.  Sad Face Emoji!

Tonight’s Bids:


Woffard vs UNC-Greensboro
Woffard is in the bracket with a loss, probably locked in as a 7-8 seed.  UNC-Greensboro is a solid team not getting enough respect.  If they win and get the auto-bid, the SoCon becomes a two bid league for sure and have an 8 and 12/13 seed


Iona vs Monmouth
Iona is the 1 seed in this conference and would be a 16 seed in the bracket so that’s all you have to know about this league.

Tonight’s Other’s games

Colonial Semi-Finals
The 1 seed, Hofstra is still alive and is a 12/13 seed.  I could see any of the top 3 winning.  I picked Charleston in the Jerome

Horizon Semi-Finals
The top 4 seeds all made it to the Semi’s.  The best these teams can do is a 15 seed.  Wright St is the 1 seed but I picked the Norse of Northern Kentucky

Summit Semi-Finals
South Dakota State got upset as a 1 seed and now Omaha is the favorite.  I pride myself on knowing mascots and I had to look them up.  They are the Mavericks in case you care

WCC Semi-Finals
The 3 and 4 lost so Gonzaga and St. Mary’s get the 7 and 8 seeds.  Gonzaga has locked up a 1 seed.  St. Mary’s will be in the at-large conversation but probably need the auto-bid

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