Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday Notes

Last Night’s Notes:

Vanderbilt lost a huge chance at an at-large bid by blowing a 19 point lead at Kentucky.  The key here is Kentucky continues to play with fire against mid-level SEC foes. What’s going to happen when they see a poised mid-major in the 1st or 2nd round of the NCAA tournament?
Duke looked good at home against Florida State but Saturday is a big letdown spot against UNC
Georgia Tech got a needed win over Pittsburgh to stay in the at-large conversation

Tonight’s Games:
Auburn vs Georgia – Georgia is currently the 5th team out of my bracket
Rhode Island vs St. Joe’s – The Rams can’t afford any more losses until late in the A-10 tournament
Michigan vs Northwestern – winner becomes a lock.  Losers is still in around a 10 seed
Tennessee vs LSU – Tennessee is hanging on by a thread
NC State vs Clemson – it’s amazing I’m still talking about Clemson at 4-12 in the ACC
Mississippi vs Alabama  - neither has much hope left but the loser will be dropped out
Kansas State vs TCU – TCU is one of the last 4 in, Kansas State is one of the first 4 out.  Could flip based on outcome
Marquette vs Xavier – Marquette is the 1st team out
Michigan State vs Illinois – The Illini need a win and Michigan State is in a classic let down spot after a Senior Day win over Wisconsin

Louisville vs Wake Forest – Wake needs this win bad.

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