Sunday, March 12, 2017

KenPom on Selection Sunday Morning

Here are the teams with top 20 efficient defenses and offenses:

1. Gonzaga (10,2)
2. Villanova (2,11)
4. Kentucky (14,15)
9. Wichita State (12,19)

Other teams with top 10 offenses:

1. Oklahoma State (130th defense)
3. UCLA (78th defense)
4. UNC (25th defense)
5. Michigan (75th defense)
6. Duke (39th defense)
7. Marquette (153rd defense)
8. Wake Forest (160th defense)
9. Kansas (30th defense)

Top ten offenses are more likely to have success with okay defenses in the next three weeks.

Top 10 defensive teams

1. Virginia (39th offense)
3. South Carolina (149th offense)
4. Florida (31st offense)
5. West Virginia (28th offense)
6. Louisville (23rd offense)
7. Georgia Tech (269th offense )
8. Wisconsin (37th offense)
9. Cincinnati (34th offense)
10. Alabama (152nd offense)

All tournament teams on the offensive side, not so on defense. I spy teams ripe to be upset on the defensive side, too (Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Louisville).

It's about offense and putting the ball through the basketball ring

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