Monday, March 6, 2017

Big 14 Tournament Doubles Down on Stupid

The Big 14 takes their tournament to Big 14 country in Washington D.C. starting in Wednesday. Purdue, the only top 16 KenPom team in the league is the 1-seed and de facto favorite.

Though Purdue is the favorite, it's not an overwhelming favorite, at least in my view. Michigan is the 8-seed and if they survive Illinois, they'll be a tough matchup for the Boilermakers. Wisconsin, 22nd in KenPom is the 2-seed. They'll likely have Iowa in the quarters. The Hawkeyes are playing their best basketball right now and can lay stake to a bid with a couple wins in, sigh, DC.

Maryland and Minnesota are the 3's and 4's respectively. I think Minnesota is a program on the come but they showed yesterday there's still room for a lot of growth. Maryland is okay but their rotation is thin.

Should Purdue get through the quarterfinals, they'd get Michigan State and March is Izzo. Yes, Izzo is March has lost two straight March games, so, maybe Izzo is November or something now. 

Given the parity in the league, your guess is as good as mine who wins this thing.

The Pick: Purdue

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