Monday, March 6, 2017

Atlantic 10 Tells You To Have A Pierogi

On Wednesday from Pittsburgh, the disappointing A-10 starts their conference tournament. As of today, only VCU & Dayton appear to have locked up bids. Rhode Island is bubbling. Barring someone else stealing a bid, the A-10 will cap out at 3.

The aforementioned three all have 3 of the top 4 seeds. Richmond has the 3rd seed with Rhode Island at 4. Richmond quietly finished 13-5 in league. 

Dayton is the highest KenPom team at 34. Basically, no A-10 team would be expected to get out of round one. Yikes. VCU is 48 and Rhode Island is 51. Richmond is 90. 5-seed, St. Bonaventure is 93. Truthfully, I could see any of these five winning. If someone not named Rhode Island, VCU or Dayton wins the tourney, I still don't see 4 teams as I think the Rams would be left out.

The Pick: Rhode Island

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