Sunday, March 12, 2017

Re-seeding the Midwest

I love this region. This is probably the 2nd best and could still be the most unpredictable. There are a lot of potential upsets and just as good a chance at chalk. Should be fun.

1. Louisville (6)
2. Kansas (10)
3. Purdue (15)
4. Oregon (16)
5. Iowa State (17)
6. Michigan (21)
7. Oklahoma State (24)
8. Creighton (27)
9. Miami (32)
10. Rhode Island (37)
11. Michigan State (43)

This is good balance. Oklahoma State-Michigan will be a great 10-7 game. The Cowboys play at a fast pace, Michigan at a glacial pace. Both are very efficient on offense and weak on defense. Michigan State is not a 9. A lot of people will tell you Kansas won't be happy to see them. Kansas won't care. Every seed from 13 down can win the opening round game.

Early Pick: Kansas

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