Friday, March 17, 2017

Day One Thoughts

1. That was boring unless your team won in which case it was probably great. For observers with only hate versus a real rooting interest, yesterday wasn't a classic.

2. The Northwestern story has gotten out of hand. We get it. They sucked for 75 years and now they don't. Heartwarming a program in a power league that prints money never found a way in. Real Cinderella story. If William & Mary does the same with limited resources, I'm sure the media will ram that story down our throats.

3. You know why you should think Chris Mack is a good coach? Watch his plays out of a timeout. 95% of teams are clueless out of stoppage plays. Not Xavier.

4. The two overseeded Big 14 teams lost. Not upsets.

5. Purdue is a fun team. Non-bigs played well yesterday.

6. Is there anything better than late half or game basketball in college? Dribble, desperation 3, repeat.

7. We should mention Indiana. I'm surprised people actually think it won't be Steve Alford. His relationship with UCLA isn't exactly tight and if he left for home, where's the anger? I suppose it can be Archie Miller but color me shocked if it isn't Alford. Dan Dakich immediately went to Twitter and basically said not another outsider. That pretty much sealed it for me.

8. FSU had maybe the best win yesterday. A 3 over a 14 isn't usually the case but FGCU had a lot of believers. They're a difficult team to prepare for in a one-and-done setting. They had the added cache of beating a bigger in-state opponent while playing in state. Imagine UWGB getting Marquette or Wisconsin in the tourney. All the pressure is on the bigger schools. Could propel FSU forward.

9. Buzz Williams returns to the "dead to me" category.

10. Let's do it again but maybe with better basketball and with some drama that doesn't include gratuitous crowd shots of celebrity parents.

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