Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Morning Quick Hits

Not much change in the bracket yesterday.  Most Bubble team are already done playing and the handful of upsets in the conference tournament basically sent teams to the 16 seed line and moved everybody up a line or two.  Basically the bottom became weaker.

The biggest questions left are the following:

Where should Duke be seeded?  I've seen them as a 1 or 2.  I believe they should be a 2.  A great run in the ACC Tournament was great but it doesn't take away the 8 losses and the entire body of work.

Who are the 1 seeds?  Kansas and Villanova seem safe.  I think Gonzaga should be safe as if they were 33-0 there wouldn't be a question but suddenly 32-1 means a 2 seed?  The last spot seems to be between UNC and possibly Arizona or Duke.  Yes, Duke beat UNC 2 out of 3 times but until the ACC tournament UNC was a 1 and Duke a 3.  I don't see them swiching.  Arizona looks solid but their resume doesn't stack well against either ACC team.  Arizona should be the #2 seed in the West with Gonzaga being the #1

Can Rhode Island make it if they lose today?  The big one.  Currently they are up 10 right now but if they lose can they hang on to the spot?  They have a great NCSOS and 7 top 100 wins.  I think they are in at this point.

Who is going to be left out.  Damn, I hope it's Syracuse.  Jim Boeheim is whiner.

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