Sunday, March 12, 2017

Re-seeding the East

Let's begin by saying the East is stacked. 6 of the top 13 KenPom teams are in this region. Things settle after that but this is one of the toughest regions I can remember.

1. Villanova (1)
2. Virginia (7)
3. Florida (9)
4. SMU (11)
5. Duke (12)
6. Baylor (13)
7. Wisconsin (23)
8. Marquette (28)
9. South Carolina (31)
10. Virginia Tech (44)

The top seed-lines are all mixed up by the committee, a common theme in all four regions. Baylor and Florida are ripe for the picking and Virginia will have its hands full with UNCW. Still, this region is loaded.

Egregiousness reigns in the middle as well. SMU is as tough a 6-seed you can imagine. Wisconsin was punished for something I can't quite figure out. South Carolina as a 7-seed with a game in Greenville is ridiculous. Still, they stink.

Duke-Villanova would be a classic at the Garden.

Early Pick: Villanova

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