Sunday, March 12, 2017

Re-seeding the South

The South top 3 is easily the best top 3 seeds of any region. And then we have probably the best 10-seed ever in Wichita State. The committee hates mid-majors. There's no way around it. Sticking them against Dayton is the final f-you.

1. UNC
2. Kentucky (4)
3. Wichita State (8)
4. UCLA (18)
5. Cincinnati (22)
6. Butler (26)
7. Kansas State (29)
8. Wake Forest (30)
9. Minnesota (33)
10. Dayton (36)
11. Arkansas (38)

This region has the weakest 8-9 matchup in Arkansas-Seton Hall. UNC should go ahead and book that Sweet 16. And I love Seton Hall but UNC matches their size advantages. Wichita State got hosed and if I'm Gregg Marshall, that's the straw that broke the camels back. I expect him to move on this year. UCLA will be a trendy pick but the defense is still a concern. 

Now, let's talk Minnesota. I like the Gophers roster and they're a team on the rise. What they aren't is a 5-seed. In any world. It makes me sick to agree with Badger fans but the committee has no good explanation for this. Middle Tennessee should be licking their chops.

Early Pick: Kentucky

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