Monday, March 6, 2017


The SEC starts its tournament on Wednesday from Nashville. It's probably a two team race between Kentucky and Florida.

Kentucky and Florida are top 10 KenPom teams even if they don't look it all the time. The Wildcats are on an 8-game winning streak. After a 9-game winning streak, Florida has lost 2 of 3.

Arkansas and South Carolina are the 3 and 4 seeds, with both finishing 12-6 in league. One plays offense, one plays defense. Together, they'd be scary.

The rest of the league is pretty "meh". Somehow, Vanderbilt is on the bubble and actually has a chance to make the tournament, even with 15 losses. A possible road to the SEC final isn't littered with heavyweights. A potential win in the quarterfinals over Florida is a must.

The Pick: Kentucky

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