Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bids Tonight

14 auto-bids go out tonight with 6 more on Sunday.  As for today's slate there aren't many with at-large bids on the line.

AE - Vermont vs Albany - Albany will be a tough out for somebody but doesn't have the profile for an at-large
MEAC - NCCU vs Norfolk St - 16 seed city baby
Big East - Villanova vs Creighton - Villanova has a 1 seed locked in.  Creighton is right at that 6/7 break
Big 12 - West Virginia vs Iowa State - Iowa State is a 6 currently and probably will stay there win or lose.  I may be the only bracketologist with UWV already on the 3 line. Computer numbers aren't good.  The anti-Florida
Mountain West - Nevada vs Colorado St - Nevada has 9 top 100 wins but none in the top 50.  Not really a case here for an at-large should they need it
MAC - Akron vs Kent State - Kent just beat Akron, Akron was on a roll until the last two weeks of the season.
SWAC - Texas Southern vs Alcorn State - Texas Southern just might be a 15 instead of a 16 this year. Playing a brutal out of conference schedule always helps the profile
C-USA - Middle Tennessee State vs Marhsall - Not an easy game for MTST.  They are my highest ranking Mid-Major.  An at-large is possible since they do have 4 top 100 wins, including 2 top 50.  SOS is over 150 and this would be their 5th loss.
Big Sky - North Dakota vs Weber State - Play In Game
ACC - Notre Dame vs Duke - Duke is a 3 possibly a 2 already.  Notre Dame was a 5 yesterday, probably a 4 now.  Is a 3 possible with a win today?
Southland - New Orleans vs Texas A&M-CC - Winner probably plays the Big Sky Winner on Tuesday
Pac12 - Oregon vs Arizona - game of the day.  Can the winner leap North Carolina for the last #1?  Oregon has a slightly better profile than Arizona
WAC - Cal St-Bakersfield vs New Mexico State - The 1 vs the 2 seed.  Probably on the 15 seed line no matter what
Big West - Irvine vs Davis - See WAC above

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