Saturday, March 11, 2017


By my calculations there are three spots left and 6 teams worth considering.  I've moved Wake, Vanderbilt, Providence, and Marquette to lock status. That leaves 3 open spots with these 6 teams still up in the air.

Rhode Island
Kansas State
Illinois State

USC seems to be the most likely in of these 6 I'm just a little hesitant to lock them up.  2-6 against the top 50 and a NCSOS of over 150 gives me pause.  Rhode Island still had an opportunity to build it's resume and can still get an auto bid.  They have at least a strong SOS and 7 top 100 wins.
The last spot is even more up in the air.  I have Kansas State in with Syracuse, Illinois State and California out, in that order.  All have strong flaws.
Kansas St has a NCSOS of 227 and 13 losses
Syracuse has 14 losses and would break a record with the highest RPI ever to get an at-large at 85
Illinois State only has 2 top 100 wins.  Only 1 team has ever done that and got an at-large.
California was 1-8 against the top 50.

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