Monday, March 6, 2017

Big XII, Kansas Realm

From the home of bunting Ned Yost, the Big XII begins their conference tournament on Wednesday. That would be Kansas City. Can someone stop the bloody reign of the Jayhawks?

In a nutshell, yes. Kansas is a very good squad and appears locked into a 1-seed but they aren't unbeatable. A potential semifinal against Oklahoma State or Iowa State would not be a walkover. Both teams appear to be locked into the tournament but can still improve their seeding and a win over KU would be quite helpful.

Baylor and West Virginia would also be very capable of winning this. West Virginia's tempo and pressure will be hard for any team to handle over the 3-day grind. Also, other than maybe Texas, the play-in teams aren't pushovers. Each would be capable of springing an upset as they move into the quarterfinals. Should be fun.

The Pick: West Virginia

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