Sunday, March 5, 2017

Today's Bubble Action

Only 3 games of note.

1.  Wichita State vs Illinois State - I hope neither of these teams are really on the bubble.  No, their profiles aren't that strong but 17-1 in the MVC is still a feat within itself.  RPI isn't that great but Wichita has a top 15 KenPom and Illinois State is 42.  The Shockers scheduled out of conference well but the teams they played are down this year.  Can't do much about that.
2.  Penn State vs Iowa - some people have Iowa just on the outside.  I still see them as an Also Considered.  Nothing too pretty to talk about, 17-13, 68th in Ken Pom, RPI of 74.  5 top 50 wins is good but I still don't see them ahead of anybody in my top 7-8 out.  A win here doesn't help but a loss hurts a ton.   Speaking of hurting a ton, my knee is killing me here.
3.  East Carolina vs Houston - The Cougars are all but out.  Not sure why I am still talking about them.  KP of 44, RPI in the 50's, only 2 top 50 wins.  Eh, already typed this much out so far.

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