Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday Morning Notes

Friday Night Results
Duke beats Carolina yesterday which presents a couple questions.
Is North Carolina still a #1?  -Yes but the winner of Oregon vs Arizona may make a case for it tomorrow
Can Duke grab a #2? -Yes and with UCLA losing they may have it already

Florida lost for a 3rd time to Vanderbilt and their resume is solely built by computers.  This is a 4/5 ripe for an Princeton/Vermont upset

Can the Big 10 get a 4 seed now that Purdue lost?  No, the question at this point should be whether the big 10 can even get a 5 seed now

Does anybody besides Vanderbilt want to get into this tournament?  Of the last 3 in and 8 bubble teams (excluding Illinois State and Syracuse who are done playing) these teams went a combined 2-7 yesterday.  Only Vandy and Rhode Island won

More notes and a new bracket on the way.

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