Monday, March 6, 2017

Pac-12: Top Heavy in Vegas

Mountain West or Pac 12 action this week in Las Vegas? Choices, choices, choices. Like the Mountain West, the Pac 12 will be choosing its champ this week in Sin City.

In Brian's latest bracket, 3 Pac-12 teams are 2 seeds. Then it's USC and no one else. Barring a big run through the tournament, it's doubtful anyone else dances. California and Utah probably need to win this thing and that seems like a very long shot.

Though the rest of the league is down, the top 3 seeds are all capable of making a deep run in March. That said, only UCLA is in the top 16 of KenPom and they're 16th at that. Is it possible no Pac 12 team makes the Sweet 16? It wouldn't be a shock. At the same time, given the right matchups, all 3 can make the Final 4.

The Pick: UCLA

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