Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wichita State and Mid-Majors Crashing the Dance

Wichita State is 19th in the latest KenPom numbers.  They were underseeded but their run was still impressive.  They earned this bid despite beating a 13 seed in the round of 16.  Take out a 1 and 2 seed?  Yeah, you deserve it.

Here is al ist of where the recent mid-majors ranked in the final KenPom numbers;

- 2006, George Mason, 23rd
- 2010, Butler, 12th
- 2011, VCU, 52nd
- 2011, Butler, 41st

George Mason's run was the most impressive, knocking off heavyweights in the opening and second round and in the regional final.  The real "stunners" are probably Butler and VCU in 2011.  Butler's 2010 team was a contender from the opening tip. 

As a fan of the Missouri Valley, I'm glad they got their first Final 4 bud since 1979.  They've provided a lot of good memories in the tournmanet, especially in the last decade.

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