Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Short Preview

I won’t go into depth breaking down the games since Kurly already broke them down.  I’ll just go quick hitting style.

Miami vs Marquette
Miami is without Reggie Johnson but Marquette will still have a hard time containing Larkin and Kadji.  A close game but Miami pulls it out.
Miami by 5

Arizona vs Ohio State
Up until the tournament these teams were heading in different directions.  The high pressure has lit a fire under Arizona and I see them keeping that up through at least Thursday.  Craft falls apart again and can’t redeem himself at the end.
Arizona by 4

Indiana vs Syracuse
I believe this was my preseason championship game although it might have been Kansas-Syrcause….either way this should be a good game.  In the end Indiana has just too much talent and Boeheim takes his ball and goes home.
Indiana by 7

Wichita State vs LaSalle
Plain and simple, whoever dictates pace wins.  I look for LaSalle to speed the Shockers up and pull off the “minor” upset.
LaSalle by 3

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Anonymous said...

0-4, Nice Job!