Tuesday, March 3, 2020


On Thursday, the WCC begins their conference tournament in Las Vegas. Folks from leagues out west sure love Vegas. Anyway, the WCC is 8th in KenPom and in Brian’s latest bracket, has 3 teams currently in. They’re comfortably in. It’s a good year for the WCC.

The lead horse is Gonzaga who is 2nd overall in KenPom. BYU is up to 11. It feels like they’ve snuck up because they have. It’s a good example of how teams out west are at a disadvantage. Late games cause us to lose them. It’s not fair but it’s true. St. Mary’s is 36th in KenPom. They probably want to make sure they play in the semifinals just to be safe.

San Francisco is the only other top 100 KenPom team at 95. The Dons split with BYU but were swept by St. Mary’s and Gonzaga. It’ll be an upset if someone other than the 4 aforementioned schools escape Vegas with the autobid. Pacific is 111 in KenPom and have won 8 of 9.

The Pick: BYU

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