Thursday, March 5, 2020

Tonight's Games

Games have already started today as the Big South’s 2 seed, Winthrop wins early.  Later today the West Coast and the Missouri alley kick off their tournaments as well as a handful of 2nd round games in other tournaments.

The bubble is pretty quiet today with the exception of a game in the AAC and out west.

Wichita State at Memphis – Memphis is barely holding on and a win keeps them in the conversation.   Wichita is currently our 2 last team in so a loss here probably drops them out of the bracket

New Mexico at Utah State – Utah State is the fifth in at this point, just out of the play in games.  This would be a bad loss and potentially could drop the all the way out of the bracket.

Washington at Arizona State – I have the Sun Devils as a 9 seed which seems safe but their computer numbers are average at this point (NET-49, KenPom – 58).  A loss drops those number 3-4 spots and I’m not comfortable with a 60+ KP number.

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