Sunday, February 4, 2018

Top Ten Shrugs it Shoulders

I guess there are ten teams worth ranking 

10. St. Mary’s- Jock Landale is pretty good.

9. Texas Tech- Red Raiders have won 4 straight in the topsy-turvy Big XII. Given Kansas inexplicable loss at home to Oklahoma State, they still have a chance at the league title. 

8. Tennessee- Vols had a great week at home, holding LSU and Ole Miss to 61 points each. They won both games by a total of 56 points. Hardly top teams they beat but given the upsets of yesterday, credit where credit is due.

7. Xavier- Held off a pesky Georgetown team last night but defensive concerns were exposed. I’m guessing they’d be a two-seed right now and saw Lunardi mention them as a potential 1-seed. Too me, that’s reflective of what a weird season this is.

6. Duke- Listen, St. John’s has been unlucky this year and have a lot of good players but there’s no sugarcoating that loss yesterday. If that Duke team shows up in March, getting out of the opening round isn’t a sure thing.

5. Auburn- Keep on keeping on

4. Michigan State- Won at Indiana last night. Wasn’t very impressive. Big game next Saturday at home against Purdue.

3. Virginia- The ACC isn’t as good as I think we all thought it might be this year. Duke and UNC are inconsistent. Notre Dame has been ravaged with injury. Louisville has off the court problems and the middle is meh. How that translates in March will be interesting.

2. Purdue- The Boilermakers survived a RAC attack yesterday. Tough week ahead. Home with Ohio State and then Michigan State on the road.

1. Villanova- Held off a game Marquette squad desperate for a win and then ran Creighton off the court. Defensive numbers are a little alarming. Some similarities to Wisconsin’s 2015 team. Can the offense alone win a title? It’s good enough 

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