Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thursday Notes

Last Night Game Recap:

Virginia 74, Louisville 64

Shockingly, it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be.  The first 12 minutes were hard to watch but then a basketball game broke out.  I still have no faith in Virginia come March but this was another good win
Butler 92, Marquette 72
The Warriors needed to bounce back after the close Villanova loss but instead got run off the court.  Two losses in a row and they are now probably in the play in game.

Last Night Bracket Movements:

SFA takes over the auto-bid from SE Louisiana in the Southland.  15/16 seed at best.
Marquette falls to the play in game is probably the last at-large
Syracuse and Houston fall out of the bracket
SMU and North Carolina State take their place

Today’s Game of the Night:

Creighton vs Villanova
We have the top seed coming off a hard fought battle against Villanova versus Creighton who can give any team fits.
Middle Tennessee State vs Old Dominion
Conference USA is looking like they could be a 2 bid league and with a some luck and an Old Dominion conference tournament sweep maybe 3 bids.  Western Kentucky has a solid at-large profile with a win over Purdue and at the moment 6 top 100 RPI wins.  Conference USA….the new Mountain West (and new, new Colonial)

Today’s Bubble Games:

Middle Tennessee (10) vs Old Dominion
SMU (11) vs Tulsa
Western Kentucky (12) vs UTEP

Arizona State (6) vs Washington (NF)

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