Monday, March 12, 2018

The West

1. North Carolina (7)
2. Gonzaga (8)
3. Michigan (10)
4. Xavier (14)
5. Ohio State (15)
6. Houston (17)
7. Texas A&M (30)
8.  Florida State (35)
9. Missouri (38)
10. San Diego State (50)
11. Providence (63)
12. South Dakota State (75)

Criminally Underseeded: Gonzaga- The Zags should be a 2-seed and got the 4. But I think any road for them to the second weekend is fairly simple.

Criminally Overseeded: Xavier- I haven’t looked but I’d guess they’re one of the most overseeded 1-seeds in awhile. Missouri can give them fits in round two and they’d be an underdog to Gonzaga and a pick ‘em against OSU. This team may go further but the Xavier team from 2016 that got beat by Wisconsin was better in my view.

Random Observations: A potential Sweet 16 matchup between Xavier and Ohio State would be a big opportunity for Xavier to get a pound of flesh from a team that rarely plays them. Or how about Michigan-Ohio State in a regional final? South Dakota State is going to beat Ohio State, though so don’t think about it. Providence is not a good 10-seed, either. They catch a break with an inconsistent A&M team. Michigan-Houston would be a fascinating round two game. That’s Sweet 16 stuff.

The Winner: Michigan over North Carolina

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