Monday, March 12, 2018

The South

1. Virginia (1)
2. Cincinnati (4)
3. Tennessee (11)
4. Kentucky (18)
5. Arizona (21)
6. Nevada (24)
7. Creighton (27)
8. Miami (FLA) (36)
9. Texas (39)
10. Loyola (41)
11. Davidson (43)
12. Kansas State (44)

Criminally Underseeded: This bracket is fairly spot-on. 

Criminally Overseeded: Kansas State- Miami is a choice here, too. Miami is basically 3 spots too high but two spots in this bracket while KState is 3 spots too high for the region. I think both lose in the opening round.

Random Observations: This is the weirdest of the regions. I bet Virginia is chosen in something like 95% of the brackets filled out and will undoubtedly be the choice of the “experts”. And rightfully so. If they don’t make it to the Final 4 from this region, I question whether they ever do. This is also a great opportunity for Cincinnati to make their first Final 4 since 1992. I’ll still be picking against them. The big ol’ question for me is, do Arizona or Kentucky make a run. Kentucky has steadily improved but I’m still leery. Same with Arizona. Either way, I’d love to see Arizona go deep and beat Virginia along the way just too see the uproar over the do-it-the-right-wayers (which is basically every journo in Wisconsin telling us we have to adopt Tony Bennett’s team). Gross. FWIW, Peyton Aldridge will be the best player on the floor when Davidson plays Kentucky, just not the most talented. Ok, Kevin Knox is probably better but I expect Aldridge to have a huge game

The Winner: Arizona over Nevada

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