Sunday, January 28, 2018

Top 10

10. St. Mary’s- The Gaels replace Arizona as our resident west coast team. Zags are higher on KenPom but the Gaels have the “W” at the Kennel. 

9. Tennessee- The Vols are 10th in KenPom and have a neutral court win over Purdue. They’re favored in the rest of their games save a trip to Kentucky and even that’s a toss-up according to KenPom. They won’t get a ton of love in the polls because they have 5 losses but this is a Sweet 16 type team.

8. Auburn- Sadly, this is a good team. 

7. Xavier- I’ve been holding back on Xavier because the defense has been sketchy. It’s still not great but it’s steadily improving. We may not have seen their best yet.

6. Michigan State- Garbage program 

5. Duke- Drop slightly after losing at home to Virginia.  Showed some stones coming back from 10 down against the speed bump defense of the Cavaliers. Defense and depth are still a concern.

4. Kansas- Congrats to Bill Self on his continued dominance in the Big XII. 

3. Virginia- National media fawning over them yesterday will make their inevitable embarrassing performance in March that much sweeter.

2. Villanova- Losing Phil Booth isn’t the end of the world given their depth of weapons but it doesn’t help. That’s deep analysis for you. 

1. Purdue- Their win over Michigan the other night was a thing of beauty. The Wolverines simply couldn’t miss and yet, Purdue never once have you an indication they weren’t going to win. I think the best comp for this team might be the 2005 North Carolina team. said it best, they’ve gone to plaid

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