Sunday, January 7, 2018

Top 10: January 7

10. Duke: This is a pity ranking alone, based on potential and not current reality. The defense is a train wreck, a new Duke tradition. Losing to NC State on the road has happened before and will happen again but they were pretty heavy favorites in this game. As of now, they’re a tantalizing what could be.

9. Clemson: I’m taking a closer look at them tomorrow but so far, they’re one of the more pleasant surprises on the season. We’ve been down this road before, though. Will this year be different? We’ll see.

8. Oklahoma: Lost at West Virginia last night but there’s no shame in that. Should have been a good experience for the young team. Wouldn’t surprise me if this is the high point of the year for them.

7. Kansas: Arguably the most maddening team around. Personnel issues make it difficult to gauge them. 

6. West Virginia: They are off to a nice start in the Big XII. They play an exhausting style. I wonder if that doesn’t catch up to them as league play rolls on.

5. Virginia: Barf

4. Purdue: The numbers absolutely love the Boilermakers and given the weakness of the Big 14, they’ll be highly rated by the numbers all year. Good test at Michigan on Tuesday. They’re a decent favorite on the road over what might be the 3rd or 4th best league team. 

3. Texas Tech: The Red Raiders are a damn fun team. They got their first ever win over Kansas at the Phog this past week. Schedule doesn’t slow down as they travel to OU on Tuesday and then host West Virginia on Saturday. 

2. Villanova: Defensive issues have cropped up. Worth keeping an eye on.

1. Michigan State: As of now, they’re the prohibitive favorite to win it all. 

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