Thursday, January 4, 2018

52 Points Deserve Some Superlatives

Marquette’s sensational sophomore guard, Markus Howard dropped a casual 52 points on Providence in their gym last night. He did so, by tying a Marquette record he holds, making 11 of 19 from deep and by scoring an astonishing 42 points in the second half.

A lot of big scoring nights can be largely inefficient but that was not the case for Howard. In addition to being 11-19 from deep, he was 17-29 overall and 7-7 from the charity stripe. That’s efficient.

The kid is now 45-45 from the line on the season. He’s 57-97 from 2, having developed a deadly little floater to compliment his 40% 3-point shooting. His effective fg% is an incredible 59.8% which is 174th in the nation. He pulls this off while taking 35% of the available shots while he’s on the court, making him 14th in the nation in % of shots taken. That number would be concerning if he wasn’t such a damn good shooter.

His counterpart in Marquette’s back court, Andrew Rowsey can be a maddening player but Howard is a joy to watch...on offense. Defensively, he has a long way to go but on offense, there are not many better players in the country. He plays heavy minutes, shoots well and protects the ball. Enjoy him while you can Marquette fans. 

Anyway, some fun facts...

- He outscored Rutger last night making him the new owner of the Big 14’s prestigious College Football Conference NIT Champions trophy

- He equaled the total points Virginia Tech put up at home against rival Virginia

- He’s younger than Trae Young

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