Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Holiest Top 10

10. Arizona- They slide in as our token west coast squad. Watched them yesterday and I have no idea what to make of them. They’re a loaded squad but they have some lapses of indifference and stagnant play. They should win the Pac-12 but I’m not sure I trust them come tourney time.

9. Clemson- Lost at North Carolina like they always do but didn’t pout and handled business at home against a depleted but game Notre Dame squad.

8. West Virginia- They’ve lost 2 of 3 but they were by a combined 6 points. Responded by annhilating Texas at home yesterday.

7. North Carolina- They’ve quietly reestablished themselves with 4 straight wins. 

6. Kansas- They reek of a Kansas squad that will get knocked out as a 1 or 2 seed in the round of 32. I’ll say this, Malik Newman might be the breakout player in the month of February. I mentioned that last week and he was the reason they held off Kansas State yesterday.

5. Michigan State- I moved them back up after trouncing Indiana on Friday. It wasn’t an unexpected win but they’re too talented not to figure things out. They’re still a disgusting institution.

4. Duke- They haven’t had a big test in a few weeks but get one this Saturday when Virginia comes to Cameron. Coach K pulled off the biggest win of the weekend when Zion Williamson committed giving him the top 3 recruits for 2018-19. The train keeps rolling.

3. Virginia- Take a look at the play-by-play of the first 16 minutes of their game against Georgia Tech when you fill out a bracket in March. That’s going to happen then and a good team will trounce them.

2. Purdue
1. Villanova

The last two are basically interchangeable. Purdue embarrassed both Wisconsin and Iowa this week. As Jeff Potrykus was ripping on the NBA for bad play, he must have forgotten Purdue held his “talented” Badgers to a night of 10 assists and 20 turnovers. They followed that up by jumping ahead of Iowa 66-28 at Iowa before putting it in cruise control.

Nova annihilated old foes Georgetown and UConn on the road in games where they were the cat and the Hoyas and Huskies were dead mice. Both teams were damn impressive.

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