Sunday, February 10, 2019

Weekly Top 10: The Grammys

The top 10 this week is brought to you by college-era CD collection.

10. Michigan State- Sparty bounced back with a blowout win over Minnesota after two consecutive losses. To me, they’re U2. The front man has gotten cranky and preachy in his old age. The days of War and The Joshua Tree are long gone.

9. Marquette- I saw someone say this is a soft team. That may have been the case in Wojo’s first 4 years but this team does not lack toughness. Marquette is the No Doubt of the college basketball world. A dynamic and charasmatic lead gets the glory but there’s more to them.

8. Nevada- They throttled New Mexico yesterday. Remember the Gin Blossoms? Great arrival with catchy tunes but lost their songwriter? That’s what I’m calling Nevada because I can see Eric Musselman getting a lot of opportunities to move on.

7. Michigan- They defeated the dirtiest team in basketball yesterday. They’re the Smashing Pumpkins. They’re fine but there are bette options out there.

6. Virginia- Duke controlled most of the game let night but even in defeat, the media fans of the Cavs told you why this year would be different than previous March’s. People always tell you how good they are when you don’t want to hear it. They’re the Dave Matthews Band.

5. North Carolina- The Soundgarden of college basketball. While everyone argues Pearl Jam and Nirvana, this team might be the best of them all.

4. Kentucky- Huge game at Rupp this week against Tennessee. Almost certainly the game of the week. Kentucky keeps rolling getting contributions all over the place. A blue blood, through and through but with plenty of critics, they are Pearl Jam.

3. Gonzaga- Decimated the tournament chances of San Francisco with a thorough ass kicking and followed it up with a lambasting of St. Mary’s. Losing Killian Tillie isn’t good but he only played 9 games and they beat Duke without him. This is Weezer. Churning out hits for twenty years and now playing covers.

2. Tennessee- Punked Florida at home in front of a raucous crowd yesterday. Simply a solid ball club that gives it every night. Alice In Chains without the heroin.

1. Duke- Doubt there is a more impressive road win in college basketball this year than their win over Virginia yesterday. Cavs cut it to 4 at half after Duke had dominated the first half but would keep them at arms length the remainder of the way and win without heavy stress. Titanic matchups await against UNC. Should be fun. Feel bad calling them Nirvana but last nights game where they made 3’s changes the paradigm, sort of like Nirvana Unplugged.

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