Thursday, August 23, 2018

Send Big Ten Football Into The Sun

What a league.

Maryland? Coach on paid leave for a player dying under his watch with reports of improper care and attention.

Penn State? Alum and fans still fighting to reinstate Joe Paterno’s 409 wins and the Paterno kids spouting off defending Urban Meyer.

Purdue? Yeah, even Purdue. Millions pouring in from the cash cow TV deals and they don’t have proper medical equipment to deal with serious injuries on a football field. Plenty of money for Jeff Brohm, though.

Michigan State? Larry Nassar and a football program with a head coach that views discipline as a nuisance toward players accused of assault.

Minnesota? Football players threatening to boycott Bowl exhibitions to stand up for sexual abusers. A head coach oblivious to it all.

Wisconsin? A head coach and media fine with a player being investigated for sexual assault practicing with the team until that darn DA ruined this poor kids life. Oh, a two-game suspension for his roommate who thought it was so hilarious, he took pictures of the victim. Tough leadership from Paul Chryst. 

And Ohio State? Well, I guess the head coach takes pills that makes him forget things like his WR coach beating on his wife. What can you do?  Nothing.

Leaders and Legends, my ass. Hard to do but this league surpassed Notre Dame as the biggest frauds in college athletics. If you think the SEC bagmen and “academics” are a bigger issue, I can’t help you. Hypocrisy runs amok in flyover country.

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