Thursday, May 31, 2018

Kurly’s Preseason Top 10

Now that the transfer and NBA exploratory stage are over, here is my Top 10, the only one you need.

10. Villanova - I didn’t necessarily have an epiphany, but I now believe Jay Wright is the best coach in college basketball. Couple two national titles and player development, argue with me about that.  

9. Michigan - The second best coach resides in Ann Arbor. Forget Sparty, forget Maryland, by the end of the regular season, Michigan will be the best team in the Big 14.

8. Tennessee - They might be the best team in the SEC but we’ll get to why I have them here for the moment. They’ll be a year older and have most of their minutes back. Falling back seems highly unlikely.

7. Kansas State - They’ll be an interesting team to watch but they return so much. We have to remember they took advantage of a region that lost all its top seeds but unlike South Carolina of 2017, this team shouldn’t fall backwards.

6. Kentucky - Rumors abound Reid Travis is going to end up in Lexington as a grad transfer. If that’s the case, Kentucky is a legit title contender. Plus, we’ll all be cheering for Tyler Herro.

5. Duke - Freshman heavy again, Duke’s season will hinge on what kind of defensive team they become. It is a very intriguing mix in Durham.

4. North Carolina - Luke Maye is my early choice for POY and this Tar Heel squad added some five stars as well. I think we’re due for a Tobacco Road heavy Final 4. It’s been far too long.

3. Nevada - Nevada added a five star freshman to the Martin twins who are returning. They should roll through the Mountain West. How they get seeded will be the big question for them next March but with Eric Mussleman on the bench, it may not matter.

2. Kansas - This should be Bill Self’s best chance at a second national title since all the others. They add oodles of talent. This includes traditional transfers who had a season to acclimate. 

1. Gonzaga - They bring back two NBA caliber players and add one of Europe’s best prospects in Filip Petrusev, a skilled big. Zach Norvell should have a huge season and will be a potential All-American. 

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