Sunday, November 29, 2009

No Championship for MU

Really, has anything good ever come out of Florida State? Marquette falls by 1 in the Old Spice Classic Championship after holding a 12 point lead at halftime and at one point having a 17 point lead earlier in the game. I didnt see much of it, but it appears it was a combination of the young team coming undone at a slowdown pace in the second half and a Buzz Williams lack of coaching by leaving Soloman Alabi single teamed down the stretch. Still a good showing for MU in this tourney, next up is currently unbeaten NC State on 12/5.

Tiger followup. It is funny now watching ESPN squirm, knowing they have to cover this and also knowing there is no good way to spin this. Nice statement he released. Here's the synopsis - "It was all my fault, dont ask any questions." Anyone with half a brain knows it was either drinking or a mad woman. The 911 portion where Elin is screaming to the police "He got weed" were edited out. Never cross a mad woman - I direct you to 3:05 of the Chris Rock video:
Chris Rock Police Video

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