Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Duke and other notes

So far they've looked good, but they usually do at this point of the season. Nolan Smith was impressive yesterday going for 24-5-5 while Kyle Singler looks like an All-American. By putting Scheyer at the point it really frees up Smith to florish as a off-guard. Right now they are going 9 deep with Czyz getting time and their top freshman won't see minutes until mid-December. Is it possible this team could be better than I thought?

As for the rest of the county lets run down the normal suspects. Kansas - won by 2 against a depleted Memphis, Kentucky needs a buzzer beater to beat Miami....of Ohio. UCLA loses at home to Cal...St Fullerton. On the flip side UNC looks like world beaters still and Villanova (with traitor Taylor King putting up 14) destroyed Penn.

It's early but still exciting.

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