Sunday, January 12, 2020

Musings on Sunday, January 12th

- Michigan State was on a roll, having won 8 in a row, all by double digits save a road game at Northwestern and lost by 29 at Purdue, managing a mere 42 points. They were favored by 3 by KenPom heading into the game. They had also risen to number one in offensive efficiency. Get used to me writing this, there’s more mediocrity than parity in college basketball.

- The Big Ten will be a meat grinder this year.  Ten teams are projected at .500 or better in the league entering today. Two other teams are projected at 9-11. Ohio State is 1-4 and still projected to go 11-9. Get back to me in 6 weeks after it’s all played itself out.

- Baylor went into Kansas yesterday and won for the first tome ever at Phog Allen. They were up by 13 at halftime and Kansas never really seriously threatened in the second half. Devon Dotson was injured for most of the second half but I’m not sure he makes a difference. Baylor controlled the game and imposed their will. They looked like a Final 4 team.

- How bad is it in Chapel Hill? They lost for the first time in 60 attempts at home against Clemson.

- Syracuse and Virginia played to a regulation tie of 43-43. It's an epidemic in college basketball, games like this. It took Penn State nearly 10 minutes to score against Wisconsin yesterday. It’s garbage basketball.

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