Wednesday, November 7, 2018


- Duke is UNLV, circa 1990. That was a ridiculous display last night. Really, both games were quite refreshing. Good basketball comes from good offense. Bad basketball comes from bad offense. Nobody is pining for the 2000 Final Four. They are pining for the 1990 Final Four, though. Of course, local dipshit, Tom Oates of the Madison State Journal used it as an opportunity to bash Tyler Herro and Kentucky, saying good thing Herro didn’t keep his commitment to Madison because he’d have to play defense. SB Nation Marquette blog, Anonymous Eagle did a great job destroying the stupidity of it based solely on the fact, Wisconsin beat Kentucky in the 2015 Final 4, despite Kentucky having the better defense. Guess who had the better offense? Also, take a gander at who had better defensive efficiency numbers since Coach Cal has been at Kentucky, insert tea-sipping Kermit.

- Back to Duke. They won’t go undefeated, the ACC is too much of a meat grinder but they have the right mix this year. Enough vets and frosh hungry to win. Last years team wasn’t far off and was a coin flip from the Final 4. Prepare for lots of Duke hate.

- Florida State’s evisceration of Florida sort of got lost last night but we could look back at that as a significant win and perhaps a harbinger of things to come. The SEC and ACC will jostle for top leagues. Let’s see where these two end up. All the caveats apply, its November and good teams get better, mediocre teams can peak early.

- Finally, haven’t said much about Marquette. Last night was a good win in the sense they won with defense. UMBC isn’t good. Still, Marquette happily let bad teams cut through their Swiss cheese defense last year. Theo John could be the sophomore that takes a big step for them this year.

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