Sunday, April 7, 2013

The State of Officiating in College Basketball

If we want to be outraged by the awful jump ball call made by the incompetent Karl Hess, then let's be outraged by the equally odious charge call on Brandon Triche at the end of the Syracuse-Michigan game.  I know it didn't involve an "underdog" but it was as equally bad.

Seth Davis likes to say the charge call is called wrong all the time (I contend 90% of charges are blocks) because coaches (Think, Big Ten) want it called that way, rewarding guys who are willing to sacrifice themselves on defense.  It's part of the reason offense is as bad as it is.  No, it's not the primary reason but it's part of it. 

Jordan Morgan was sliding into position after Triche had left the ground.  On top of it, Morgan wasn't set.  Heels have to be down.  Watch replays on Monday night of any charge call, I'm willing to bet they'll almost all be wrong.  The only ones that get called right are when post players lead with their shoulder into the defender.

Ultimtaley, Syracuse still had an opportunity to win or at least force overtime and they couldn't execute.  Despite trying to lose, Michigan earned that win in the end by playing solid defense and getting contributions from their much maligned bench.

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